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October 22, 2020

The Interdependence of Happiness

The Interdependence of Happiness

Happiness is feasible only when we reach balance. When people build correct mutual fusion with each other, when they feel they are in the right social environment, all problems will vanish. After our society establishes and promotes homeostasis, people will feel that they as if flow, are in a state of internal and external peace. This condition will instigate a state of bliss in them.

In other words, a sensation of happiness emerges not because we fulfill ourselves egoistically, without thinking about what’s next since besides each of us there are many other egoists who want to be happy at the expense of others.

The sensation of happiness emerges as a result of unity. It stems out of a sense of equilibrium, similar to a healthy organism that is alive when its organs function in balance. By the same token, human society must follow examples of nature and aspire to reach the same state. Then, we’ll realize what the goal of our life is. The sensation that we have while being in this state is happiness. Read More »


Is True Happiness Realistic?

If a person is immersed in his ego, in his desire to receive, then he certainly cannot be happy because it will only bring him pain. But if he rises above his ego so as not to worry about what goes on inside him, but to live on a higher level and to identify with the attribute of bestowal, with the world, with everything that surrounds him, he can be happy constantly.

It can be to such an extent that he will not feel what is happening with his body at all. The body can die, but a person will not feel that he belongs to his body anymore.

Now we totally identify ourselves with our body. But if we can develop so that we will gradually draw further away from it, we will eventually stop feeling that we are tied to it at all. It is as if I float above this body, and it is indeed so, because I identify with the attribute of bestowal and I live in it, and this is the key to advancing in happiness. Read More »


Happiness = Fulfillment

Happiness is fulfillment, because the whole of creation is the desire to be fulfilled. The sensation of being fulfilled is happiness.

Source: The Method of Attaining Happiness on Laitman.com.


What Is Happiness?

Dr. Michael Laitman discusses the eternal nature of happiness in this Laitman Unplugged clip.

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