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July 23, 2024

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The One Law You Need to Know to Reach Spirituality

The One Law You Need to Know to Reach Spirituality

To Reach Spiritual Attainment, Just Follow One Law

The great sage, Rabbi Akiva, (1st century CE) said: “Love thy neighbor as thyself is the comprehensive rule of all the spiritual laws.”

When Rabbi Akiva speaks about love for our neighbor (one of many spiritual laws), about our duties with regard to society and even to the Creator as the comprehensive law, he implies that all the other laws are mere constituents of this rule.


Kabbalah’s Absolute Litmus Test of Love That Applies Anywhere: ‘How Would I Like It If…?’

However, when we try to find an explanation for this, we are met with an even more unusual statement by the sage, Hillel. When his disciple asked him to teach him the entire wisdom of Kabbalah while standing on one foot, Hillel replied: “Anything that you hate, do not do to others!” Hillel’s answer teaches us that the whole purpose, indeed the reason for the existence of Kabbalah, is to clarify and fulfill a single law: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”


Is Love an Impossible Dream?

Yet, how can I love another as myself? Loving others as myself would imply constantly fulfilling all the desires of all the people, when I am unable to satisfy even my own desires! Moreover, the sages explain that we have to satisfy others’ desires before our own.


Take this Self-Test! How Well Can I Keep the Law of Love?

Instructions:  Evaluate yourself in the following two situations on a scale of 1 – 10, “10” meaning “I would ALWAYS carry out this action”, and “1” meaning “I would NEVER behave in this way.”

  1. If you have only one pillow, you must give it to your friend. How often would you carry out this  action? (Evaluate yourself on scale of 1 – 10)
  2. If you have one chair, another person should take it, while you stand or sit on the ground. How often would you carry out this action? (Evaluate yourself on scale of 1 – 10)

If you could not answer “ALWAYS” to these situations, you will not be fulfilling the instruction of loving your neighbor as yourself. So, is this really a feasible demand?

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