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July 23, 2024

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Discover How to Travel to the Spiritual World and What Awaits You There

Discover How to Travel to the Spiritual World and What Awaits You There

Meet the Greatest Gift You Can Reach in the Spiritual Realm and the Big Question It Raises for You

Kabbalah explains that the correct, consistent observance of spiritual laws leads to adhesion with the Creator. Yet, what does the word “adhesion” mean? Indeed, because of the limits of time, a three-dimensional space, and bodily desires, our thoughts cannot grasp the Creator, i.e. the quality of love and bestowal. Therefore, as long our thoughts are bound by these limits, we cannot be objective.


How to Open the Door to the Spiritual Dimension through Transcending the Ego

As we transcend our egos, the will to receive and the definitions of time, space, and motion change. They acquire a spiritual dimension. In that state, we control our will to receive and are not governed by it. Therefore, our thoughts do not depend on the will to receive, and hence are objective.


Use the Premier Trick of Play Acting to Merge with the Creator

Kabbalah offers the attainment of equivalence of properties and actions with the Creator as a means of nearing Him. It says: merge with His actions; be as kind, caring, and as humble as He. Yet, how can one be sure that the Creator’s actions and the Creator Himself are the same? Moreover, why should I merge with Him by imitating His actions?

In the material world, we imagine merging, or adhesion, as shortening the distance between bodies, and understand separation as moving away from one another. However, the spiritual realm lacks such concepts as time, space, and motion. This is why the equivalence of properties between two spiritual objects draws them closer to one another, and the difference in properties moves them apart. There can be no adhesion or separation (in contrast to the adhesion or separation in space) because the spiritual object itself takes no place.


Why You Must Avoid the Proverbial Axe that Cuts Off Spirituality and How to Do It

Just as an axe divides a physical object, the appearance of a new property in a spiritual object divides it into two parts. That is, if the difference in properties is insignificant, then the spiritual objects are close to one another.

The bigger the distinction between their properties, the more remote they are from one another. If they love each other, they are spiritually “close,” and the distance between their corporeal shells is unimportant. The relationship between them is determined by their spiritual affinity.  If one likes something that is disliked by another, the distance between them depends on the difference in their views and sensations. They are considered completely opposite if one of them likes everything the other hates.


You Can Use Your Affinity for Spirituality to Take You There

Thus, we see that in the spiritual world (the world of desires), similarity or difference in aspirations, desires, ideas, and properties plays the role of an axe, dividing the spiritual into parts. The distance between spiritual objects is determined by the extent of incongruence between their sensations and properties.

To the extent that our attributes are similar to the Creator’s, we feel Him, become part of Him, and merge with Him.

Dr. Michael Laitman, in “The Purpose of Life Is the Revelation of the Creator.”

Awakening to Kabbalah by Dr. Michael Laitman“Discover How to Travel to the Spiritual World and What Awaits You There” is based on the book, Basic Concepts in Kabbalah: Expanding Your Inner Vision by Dr. Michael Laitman.

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