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July 23, 2024

Archive for November 13, 2014

What is Love?



If you think that finding the love of fairytales will make you happy, think again. The love of fairytales isn’t really love, but the use of others for self satisfaction.

What we normally call love is the egoistic satisfaction of one person by another, whether it’s sexual satisfaction or any other kind of fulfillment we receive from another person. And clearly, this isn’t love.

Then what is love? Love is when you don’t pay any attention to yourself, but you take the desires of another person and try to fulfill them in exactly the way they would like. In other words, you turn yourself into a vessel of fulfillment for the other person. This is real love, and it exists only in the spiritual world. And there is no difference if it is a man or a woman – what’s important are the desires, the soul.

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If Creation Is a Garden of Desire, How Do We Help It Grow? – Gardening Tips to Turn Your Desires Toward the Light

If Creation Is a Garden of Desire, How Do We Help It Grow?

How to Get Back to the Garden – the Riot of Color, Texture, Fragrance That Is ‘We’

Kabbalah says that all that was ever created in all the worlds consists only of the Light and the vessel it fills. The only creation is the vessel that wishes to receive the Light coming directly from the Creator. This will to receive the Light that brings life and pleasure to the vessel is both the spiritual and the corporeal substance, depending on one’s intensity of desire.

The differences in nature, quality, and quantity among all created beings lie only in the extent of this desire, which is accordingly filled with the Light coming from the life-giving Creator. All that separates one object from another and produces colors, substances, waves, and other differentiating factors results from the capacity of the will to receive, and therefore, of the amount of Light that fills it. In other words, a desire of one size yields the form of a mineral; different sizes of desires form liquids, colors, or waves. Everything depends on the position on the scale of desire, while the amount of Light that embraces us and all the worlds is equal and invariable.

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