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July 23, 2024

Archive for November 19, 2014

If You Want to Attain Your Ultimate Development without Suffering, Kabbalah Has the Instructions

If You Want to Attain Your Ultimate Development without Suffering, Kabbalah Has the Instructions

“Only in the process of studying authentic Kabbalistic texts do you connect with the Upper World and evoke upon yourself the influence of the Upper Light, which can transport you from the perception of this world to the perception of the Upper World. There is no other method that can allow you to achieve such a transformation! Therefore, when the world and you are ready for it, Kabbalah becomes revealed and is offered to you as the method of correction.”

~ Dr. Michael Laitman, in “Why Is Studying Kabbalah Good for You.”


3 Questions about Kabbalah the Wise Seeker Wants Answered

  • What is the essence of Kabbalah?
  • Is the purpose of Kabbalah aimed at life in this world or in the future one?
  • Who benefits from Kabbalah: the Creator or His creatures?

Read on to find the answers to these crucial questions…


The 2 Paths of Personal Development and Your Choice in Between Them

Two paths of development in the right direction are prepared for us:

  • A path of suffering that compels us to escape it. We do not see the goal and are forced to run away from the pain. This path is called “unconscious evolution,” or “a path of pain.”
  • The path of conscious, painless, and quick spiritual development by following the Kabbalistic method, which facilitates a quick attainment of the desirable result.


How Kabbalah Brings You to Self-Perfection, in a Nutshell

The purpose of all the laws of development using the method of Kabbalah is to recognize the good and evil within us, and develop recognition of evil (i.e. the recognition of the egoistic will to receive within us as the source of all pain). By observing the spiritual laws, we can rid ourselves of all evil. This is because the difference in one’s development creates either a deeper, or a more superficial, recognition of evil, and a more powerful or less powerful desire to be rid of it. The game of self-perfection is centered on intensifying the recognition of evil and also the desire to be free from it.

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