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July 16, 2024

Archive for November 6, 2016

Egoism of a Part Leads to the Death of the Whole

Egoism of a Part Leads to the Death of the Whole

The cause of all conflicts is human nature: egoism, the desire to fulfill ourselves at the expense of others.

Human egoism is the only destructive force that exists; hence, the world will not be able to persist unless we change our egoistic approach to society. Egoism of a part leads to the death of the whole. If a cell in a living organism begins to relate egoistically to other cells it becomes cancerous. Such a cell begins to consume surrounding cells, oblivious to them or to the needs of the whole organism, and thus, eventually extinguishes the entire body, including itself. The same applies to human egoism with respect to nature: while developing for itself, detached from the rest of nature and not as an integral part of nature, the egoism leads everything to death, including itself.


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