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August 11, 2022

Kabbalah Study in a Group and with a Teacher

Kabbalah Study in a Group and with a Teacher

Kabbalah is almost always studied in groups, over the Internet, in local groups, and even some international groups exist. A group study accelerates the spiritual progress of a person who studies alone millions of times over. One who studies alone can only use one’s own Vessel to receive the Light of the Creator, meaning spirituality.

People who study in a group create a kind of spiritual Vessel that consists of all the participants, and everyone begins to enjoy the group’s illumination. Let us assume that there are ten participants. The illumination that is received is not ten times as much as a single individual can receive, but millions of times stronger. The reason is the incorporation, meaning the soul of each and every one of the participants consists of 620 parts, with each part joining the others. The mixture of the parts together creates one collective Vessel.


Studying with a Teacher

Even more important, the group must have a teacher. Studying without a teacher is impossible. The teacher should explain about the spiritual structure, how it works, how to approach it and how to raise oneself to it. Teachers should also explain how we can lift ourselves to a higher spiritual degree and how to control that spiritual level. There has almost never been a case in history when someone rose without assistance. It was almost always a case of a teacher and a student working together.

It is often asked from the teacher, “How can you prove to me that you are the teacher I need?” This is a very good and just question. A usual answer given by Kabbalah teachers: “It is your life. It was given to you just once and you want to make the most of it. But how can a teacher prove to you that they are better than anybody else?”

Kabbalah has a very simple answer: one should study where one’s heart desires, where one feels one belongs. It should not be a place where you are being persuaded to feel that it’s “your place,” or that you’re being pushed to accept. When you detach yourself from persuasions, from anything external, from your upbringing and from everything that you have heard in your entire life, and feel in your heart that it is the place for you, then you should stay. That is the only test.

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