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July 21, 2024

Archive for June 29, 2014

How Can I Help at the ONE Convention?

How Can I Help at the ONE Convention

Question: How can I help during the ONE Convention without missing anything? It is my first convention. I’m arriving on Thursday, Aug. 7. I very much want to be of help. Any task is fine with me.

Dr. Michael Laitman: It’s the ratio. We are going to be at a place where we don’t attend to ourselves. We will have most things prepared in advance. We get there with all the equipment. It’s a place we know, a place where people know us. Food will be ready. It will be prepared by the hotel. We won’t have to buy, carry, serve, or do anything. Everyone will be sleeping in hotel rooms with beds, showers, etc. You’ll have everything.

All that is left is to absorb, to open ourselves and accept everyone, so that in the connection among ourselves we will feel the upper world. That’s all. So that is our only problem.

What duties have you considered? I recommend that people who were never at a convention be given no duties. I’m against it. It happens in Israel too. A new person comes, and during the lesson, they make him serve coffee. They need to sit, listen and gather impressions. They cannot connect to bestowal, to the group, etc. You shouldn’t do that. You “teach the boy according to the boy’s way.” Don’t put him into spiritual acts that he doesn’t feel as being spiritual. Therefore, you need to give these people the best seats to participate as emotionally as they can with everyone, so that they feel no pressure from others. In short, treat them as children. They’re beginners, so they’re babies.

This Q&A is based on the Special Q&A Session with Dr. Michael Laitman in Preparation for the ONE Convention, which took place on Sunday, June 16. Watch the whole video & stay up-to-date with ONE Convention preparation materials here »

North America ONE Kabbalah Convention - August 8-10, 2014 - New Jersey, USA


Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center Students Get an Introduction to Integral Education from Dr. Laitman

Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center Students Get an Introduction to Integral Education from Dr. Michael Laitman

Student: There are many questions from students in the Education Center about integral education. This is very new to them.

Dr. Michael Laitman: I have a question for them. Did they study only “The Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah”? Or did they also study the essays of Rabash?

Student: Let’s mention to the students and everyone what our friends from the Education Center actually study.

We have the first course which is the Fundamentals, where a person learns about the essence of the wisdom of Kabbalah according to the fundamental articles by Baal HaSulam. They also hear a bit about that when we start realizing the wisdom of Kabbalah we start feeling the need to disseminate it, publicize it to the world, and start doing it also through the method called “integral education.” But we’re not yet doing it in practice.

In the next, intermediate semester, one studies that a bit deeper. We learn the whole system of creation—the Sefirot, Partzufim and worlds—as well as how Kabbalah becomes realized in our daily lives.

Dr. Laitman: Where do I find these worlds? Inside the connection. Do they study that or not?

Student: Yep. Starting with the very first semester we learn that there was the shattering of the vessels.

Dr. Laitman: So if it’s in the connection, then we have to actualize the wisdom of connection. If we actualize the wisdom of connection within us, in a group, that’s in a group. But it’s time for us also to draw into our group and the rest of humanity…

Diagram 1 - Upper Light, Bnei Baruch, Humanity

Why have we come to it? That’s the Upper One, the Light. Do they know this concept?

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