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July 21, 2024

Archive for June 5, 2014

Research Yourself with the Scientific Method of Kabbalah

Research Yourself with the Scientific Method of Kabbalah

Why Kabbalah Is the Method that Opens Your Eyes

The Kabbalistic knowledge we possess is a result of Kabbalistic investigations performed by those people whose souls were burning with the question regarding the meaning of existence. They used a special method to begin to feel the comprehensive reality, and they wrote books about what they discovered. When Kabbalists first sense the complete reality, they call it “the opening of the eyes.”

The opening of the eyes is a process of climbing up the same degrees by which we all came down from the previously mentioned infinite state (Ein Sof). The wisdom of Kabbalah comprises two parallel orders:

1. From Above downward—the descent of the will to receive from Ein Sof through all the Upper Worlds down to “this world.”

2. From below upward—the ascent of the researcher from this world, through the barrier, to the Upper Worlds, to Ein Sof.

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