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July 21, 2024

Archive for June 22, 2014

11 Kabbalah Quizzes to Test Your Kabbalah Knowledge

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Test your Kabbalah knowledge with these 11 Kabbalah quizzes (& get these quizzes in the free Kabbalah Quiz app for Android, iPhone & iPad by clicking the banner above):

1) Introduction to Kabbalah Quiz »

2) Purpose of Creation Quiz »

3) Perception of Reality Quiz »

4) Intention Quiz »

5) Kabbalistic Language Quiz »

6) World Peace Quiz »

7) Free Will Quiz – Part 1 »

8) Free Will Quiz – Part 2 »

9) Inner Work Quiz »

10) Creation & Evolution Quiz »

11) Zohar Quiz »


How the ONE Convention this August Will Aim to Explain the Wisdom of Kabbalah as Being the Wisdom of Connection

ONE Convention Outdoor Shot in New Jersey

We have been with you for many years now, some for a great many years, and we’ve been studying the wisdom of Kabbalah. When people come to study Kabbalah, they learn about Sefirot worlds, Partzufim, Aviut, Zakut, Zivug de Haka’a, lights, Kelim [vessels]—to learn the special mechanics between the light and the desire. It is unknown where this light is. It is “out there.”

Where is the desire? It’s also… we don’t actually attribute it to us. It turns out that we’re learning something abstract, but we do learn it. We have the “Preface to the Wisdom of Kabbalah,” and “The Study of the Ten Sefirot,” which is what we have been learning, without any seeming connection to ourselves.

Afterwards, we started studying the essays of Rabash. He also didn’t write them before he had new students, in the emergence of a new era. When I brought him students, then instead of the five veteran students who studied even with Baal HaSulam, all of a sudden there were new guys, 25-30 years old. So he started writing these social articles. Why? It was because he saw that here you could actually implement the wisdom of Kabbalah, but in a small group, a small society. That’s why he wrote these articles, such as “They Helped Every One His Friend,” how we should connect in a group, etc.

As we advanced, the next stage came. In the next stage we started circulating a little bit, disseminating the wisdom of Kabbalah outside the group, and people started coming in. Many people came, learned a little, left, came again, left again, and time passed.

Then came an even more special time, when the world got into a crisis. The crisis was around long before 2008, but no one would talk about it. Experts saw that there was a crisis a few years back, but it was forbidden to talk about it.

Once the world was in global crisis, not just an economic crisis where the stock market fell or some bank collapsed, but the world started viewing itself as being connected in a bad system, where they are trying to do something together, unified, like the united Europe, and so on. We have no choice; we depend on each other, and it is not up to us. However, the laws by which we are connected to each other are egoistic, so instead of using each other correctly, we spoil it. Previously it was not like that.

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How Kabbalah Lets Anyone Have a Relationship With Nature’s Source

How Kabbalah Lets Anyone Have a Relationship with Nature

Here Is a Method that Is Helping People Receive Endless Enjoyment

Kabbalah in Hebrew means “reception.” As its name testifies, Kabbalah teaches how to receive. With the right attitude towards reality, it is possible to experience endless enjoyment. This endless enjoyment is not from sex, food, a new car, a big house, or other transient, mundane pleasures. Instead, it is from those delights that can fill us with such utter bliss that we would transcend any sensation of time to receive them.

We sense the passing of time by the fluctuations between good and bad feelings, or sensations of fulfillment and absence of fulfillment. However, when we are in a state of elation, we are unaware of time. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that we can eliminate time altogether, along with the sensation of distance and any other limits or boundaries. One who has reached such a state is clearly living in an infinite, unlimited world.

Our lives will always contain two opposing elements—pleasure and desire, plus and minus. A pleasure that pervades a desire satiates it and cancels it. We come across this phenomenon in every area of life. When the plus neutralizes the minus, we end up feeling nothing at all. As long as we short-circuit pleasure and desire, we will be locked in a zero-sum equation. However, put a resistor between these opposites and they will work perfectly, creating everlasting enjoyment.


How Giving Is Possible through Receiving

Kabbalists explain that pleasure stems from the Upper Force. This Force sends us pleasure because It loves us. When we try to receive the pleasure directly, the pleasure cancels our desire to enjoy it and the pleasure stops.

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