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July 16, 2024

Now You Can Unlock the Sixth Sense and Realize Your Full Potential

Now You Can Unlock the Sixth Sense and Realize Your Full Potential

Why Your Continued Development Depends Upon Attaining Reality Itself 

Unlike any other science, Kabbalah reveals to us the Upper World. This is why it is most often referred to as a “wisdom” instead of a “science.” The empiric, scientific approach of the wisdom of Kabbalah is based on the same research principles that apply to other fields of research. Kabbalah, too, regards the observer as the researcher and studies reality as it is sensed by a human being, from a subjective perspective. The uniqueness of the wisdom of Kabbalah compared to any other fields of human study is that the subject of its research is the higher part of reality.

The wisdom of Kabbalah enables one to attain the roots of reality, not just another segment of the whole, but reality at its highest levels, before we ever reached it. Attaining the roots of reality grants researchers control over events before they clothe in our world, and the ability to interfere and change them, to lead and guide them using their unique approach.


The Secret of the Elusive Sixth Sense

If we determine our desire in such a way that the entire reality will appear to us in the direction of bestowal upon the Creator, if we want to live in a reality where the five senses are devoted to a single aim, to delight the Creator, then in that state we will determine our attitude to reality in the realm and at the level of the “sixth sense.” This means holding an altruistic attitude to reality, which yields an entirely different characteristic to the reality perceived through the five senses. We will no longer attain a mere speck of reality, but its very root, ascending to the control room, the headquarters of reality.

In so doing we can rise above the creature level and reach the Creator’s degree, the Source from which the Upper Forces comes and clothes the mundane matter. If we change our attitude to the forces while they are still at their root, we will feel their clothing in our world entirely differently. The empty sensation will yield before the sensation of the Upper Light.

The sixth sense is not added to the five senses; rather it stands above them, separately. Just as our will to receive perceives the corporeal reality with five modes of perception, which are our five senses, so our sixth sense comprises five modes of perception of the higher reality. With the help of the sixth sense, another reality is felt in the five senses, and this is the transition from darkness to light, from emptiness, fear, and torment, to abundance, security, tranquility, eternity, and perfection.

Acquiring the sixth sense expands our knowledge through positive impressions of abundance. When we acquire this sense, the Upper Light appears as profusion that fills the vessels, instead of as darkness. This new state will change the result of research in science.


How to Become a “Real” Human by Developing an Independent Attitude towards Reality

All levels of existence are contained within man; they rise and fall along with him. If a person becomes a “real” human, similar to the Creator, all of nature—inanimate, vegetative, and animate—receive a different nourishment and fulfillment. When humankind resembles the Creator, this world will be incorporated in the worlds Beria, Yetzira, and Assiya, and will rise along with them to Ein Sof. All of Nature will then rise and bond with the Creator.

In the egoistic and corrupted state, one does not see that the picture of reality is empty and lacks the presence of the Creator in it. The Creator appears as the provider of reality along with the acquisition of the sixth sense. He appears as the one who is inside reality’s every detail, and in consequence, one’s sensations in the five senses testify to that state, as though they are a gift from the Creator. In that state, the world appears as the measure of one’s contact with the Creator, as the bonding measure between the individual and the Creator.

The more one senses the Creator as clothed in reality, the more one discovers that the Creator is within oneself and directs one’s senses toward that sensation, and the more one loses oneself. All that remains is a tiny point where one stands as an observer, watching the revelation of the Creator from within and from without. This is why Kabbalists said that the Creator created the Kli, as well as filled it with the picture of the world.

It is precisely through the sensation of the “absence of self” that an opportunity opens before one to determine oneself. It is exactly at this point that one can determine one’s independent attitude toward reality.


Why Experiencing Life through Only Five Senses Is Not Enough Today

We therefore see that the science humanity is nurturing via the five senses is but a fraction of the comprehensive picture of reality. Many changes will unfold in science and its research boundaries will expand far beyond the present knowledge and discoveries. The fraction of reality that humanity has already discovered was discovered from within the empty vessels, not from the wealth that appears in corrected vessels. The scientists’ recognition of the impasse they have reached is actually the acknowledgement of the empty vessels. Humanity has discovered all it could discover in these vessels, while the Light is still absent in the Kli.

Human science and all its branches are accumulation of knowledge from a position of absence of abundance. Science, like every other human engagement, demonstrates the negativity and the inability to evolve. Today, an absence of abundance in the vessels is leading to increasing despair. Human beings acknowledge that all the mundane pleasures—sex, food, family, wealth, honor, power and knowledge—offer no fulfillment and leave us empty. This emptiness is the driving force behind the desire to reveal the Upper Science—the wisdom of Kabbalah.


The Everyman’s Guide to Altruism: The Way to Realize Your Full Potential

Many scientists and philosophers admit that they relate to the world as to a real threat. From their point of view, humanity has lost both control and the understanding of where it is headed. Only a few years are left for humanity to continue to evolve before it stands at the brink of a chasm that will eliminate every aspect of human life: ecology, society, economy and culture, research and education. These scientists already understand that without discovering the Thought, the Essence that generates matter, science will not be able to progress. They give humanity only a few years to evolve and say that humanity is presently facing an unprecedented crisis.

Humanity is losing hope that science and technology will improve its state and sweeten its bitter life. The reason for the new attraction to religion is to test once more, learn once again, and for the last time, that no cure and relief for our present crisis will be found in them.

Religions design theories and philosophies that argue that science and religion can be combined and thus improve our lives. But this notion too will prove mistaken. The renewed interest in religion is also the last. It will lead to the recognition of religion’s inability to provide a true answer to the empty vessels that will surface.

Thus, all the processes unfolding today summarize millennia of human evolution in egoistic vessels. From here on we must cultivate new vessels, altruistic ones. These vessels will display before us an entirely different reality, one of bounty, perfection, eternity, and Light. And lastly, discovering this reality by all humankind is the very purpose of Creation.

Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life by Dr. Michael Laitman“Now You Can Unlock the Sixth Sense and Realize Your Full Potential” is based on the book, Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life by Dr. Michael Laitman.

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