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July 16, 2024

Kabbalah: A Scientific Method to Discover the Source of Our Existence

Kabbalah - A Scientific Method to Discover the Source of Our Existence

The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah is a scientific method, helping people of our times to discover the single force that created reality. This method uses a special language using the names of our well known corporeal world to connect to the Upper Reality. Using this language and the written sources with the right intention we can ascend to our root right here, right now.

Abraham’s Method for the Modern Man

More than 5,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, a place that gave rise to many of today’s civilizations, there lived a man called Abraham. Nearly all religions and spiritual factions recognize him as their founder and patriarch. They record his name into their holy writings as the first man to reveal the Law behind the world’s existence, the first man to attain the Upper Governance.

It is none other than Abraham who is the forefather of the science that transcends nationality, a science that is universal, for it emerged before the world was split into nations and languages.

But it is precisely in our time that this science, known as “Kabbalah,” is meant to be revealed. “Our time” is when egoism in our world reaches its final phase of development and becomes so powerful that humanity will be unable to control it, needing a remedy to save itself from the ego. It is then that the wisdom of Kabbalah will appear.

Changing Perception of Reality by the Correct Usage of the Ego

The word “Kabbalah” translates as “reception.” In other words, it is a science about how to receive correctly, or how to properly utilize one’s egoism to receive all the pleasures prepared for humanity.

Kabbalah takes nothing on faith. It invites you to “taste and see that the Creator is good.” It does not mean you should agree with something that somebody tells you. You yourself must acquire the sensation of the Creator, and Kabbalah is here to help you do just that.

When a person is constantly changing in our perception as we get to know him better, in truth has always been the same; we simply needed to get to know him better. It is very important for our advancement to understand that it wasn’t the person who changed, but that we have opened up to him, as if absorbing him within us.

The same is true for the Creator. The better we get to know Him, the more of His qualities we attain, i.e., His names. This happens when we literally live through the contents of the Five Books of Moses (the Pentateuch), as we let the text flow through us.

In this manner we attain the Creator’s names as we proceed through the books. Until we discover all the names of the Creator, join Him and attain Him as the absolute Law of Love.

A Special Scientific Language to Bridge the Worlds

Kabbalah has developed its own language. It is called “the language of the branches.”

The reason for this is that nothing in our world is accidental, everything was created and is governed with purpose and intention.

Everything that exists in our world necessarily originates in the Upper World, then descends along the spiritual degrees. There is a rigid connection between the objects in our world and their roots in the Upper World, which may be dubbed their “spiritual doubles.”

Kabbalists feel this very clearly because they exist in both worlds, they see the Upper Object—the root from which everything arises, and its offshoot in our world—the branch. Because we call the root by the name of its corresponding branch, and not the other way around, the language of Kabbalah is called “the language of the branches.” With the language of the branches, the Kabbalists have found a way to convey precise information about the spiritual world using the language of our world.

But what if a person doesn’t know that the Old Testament was written in this special language?

He sees a narrative about our world, about a tree that grows in paradise or a serpent that whispers sweet temptations in Eve’s ear.

But this is absolutely incorrect. Such interpretations reduce this book, which is meant to unite our world with the spiritual world, to the level of earthly literature.

The Right Intention Is the Key to Open Up the Torah

As we read the Bible, we will learn to look behind the words and see the forces that are their roots. Moreover, the very intention to read this book precisely in this manner will already connect us to the Upper World. That is because everything begins with the goal and intention of the reader. From the very first lines, the Bible sets one simple goal: to tell humankind how to become citizens of the spiritual world. It wants to lead us to the Creator, to eternity, to happiness. And whoever reads it must fashion the same intention: “I am doing this in order to reveal the Creator.”

The Secrets of the Eternal Book“Kabbalah: A Scientific Method to Discover the Source of Our Existence” is based on the book, The Secrets of the Eternal Book: The Meaning of the Stories of the Pentateuch by Semion Vinokur.

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