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July 17, 2024

Archive for September 9, 2014

The Secret of How the Desire for Spirituality Develops in a Person

The Secret of How the Desire for Spirituality Develops in a Person

Did You Know That There Are 5 Stages of Human Desires?

The development of humankind over thousands of years is a realization of different levels of desire. The search for ways of fulfilling these emerging desires determines this or that level of civilization’s evolution and everything we define as technological and scientific progress.

Because desires constantly improve, evolve from smaller to bigger, humankind advances. Kabbalah divides the entire complex of human desires into five stages:

  • Primary stage or still degree: need for sex and food
  • Second stage or vegetative degree: striving for riches
  • Third stage or animate degree: craving for power and fame
  • Fourth stage or speaking degree: thirst for knowledge
  • Fifth stage or speaking within the speaking degree: aspiration to spirituality, to the Creator


The Desire for Spirituality Is the Greatest Human Desire

The need for sex and food are the same desires as those of animals. Even in complete isolation, we would still feel hunger and the urge to reproduce, to have sexual relations.

Desires for wealth, power, fame, and knowledge are human desires, since to satisfy them one must be surrounded by other people.

We are born, our animal and human desires develop, and then we find out that their realization does not satisfy us, since our secret but true aspiration, which we cannot yet realize and formulate, falls outside the boundaries of this world.

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