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July 17, 2024

Archive for September 11, 2014

Want to Develop Your Sixth Sense? Read This

Want to Develop Your Sixth Sense? Read This

The Need for Additional Senses to Sense the Spiritual Reality

To research itself and the surroundings, humanity has developed various sciences such as physics, chemistry, biology, and so on. These are called the natural sciences, and they are based on our five senses. To help ourselves study nature, we have built instruments that extend the range of our senses. Gradually, from generation to generation, we have gained experience and reached a better understanding of the problem of survival in this world. But among all sciences, there is one that develops us quite differently—the science of Kabbalah.

Beyond the corporeal world that we research, there is another world, which is concealed. But if it is invisible, how can we assume that this other world really exists? It is because we see that there are specific laws, which are a part of a broader reality. We understand that such general, more rational laws, which describe our lives and our existence comprehensively, simply must exist. There is something that eludes us, something around us we cannot grasp. But how can we come to grasp it if we don’t have the appropriate senses?


Why Human Development Increases Suffering

It is quite possible that this alternate creation does exist around us in all its layers, but we divide it into the apprehended part we call “our world” or “this world,” and the as-yet-unfelt layer. If we had other senses, although it’s hard for us to imagine it, we would probably also feel the world differently, perhaps with a broader and deeper vision. But such senses don’t exist, and so we suffer. We don’t know how to behave with one another and with our surroundings because we don’t see our past and future lives.

When dealing with a scientific study of the world, we come to a stage where our knowledge is exhausted, and we’re left helpless. Though there are many ways to enhance our ability to predict the future, beyond the boundaries of our regular senses, they in fact add very little to our understanding of the world. We are capable of attaining very limited abilities to predict events, but we never achieve clear knowledge of the future and complete attainment, which can only happen when we are acting in full cooperation with the world around us.

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