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July 17, 2024

Archive for September 25, 2014

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Studying Kabbalah

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Studying Kabbalah

Why Spirituality Should Be More Important than Corporeality

At the end of his “Introduction to the Zohar,” Baal HaSulam writes that if we preferred spirituality to corporeality and spiritual laws to corporeal laws, if we chose a spiritual leadership over the corporeal one, we would organize our world correctly, exactly like the spiritual world, and then our inner values would not collide with the values that come down to us, and we would feel pleasure and peace instead of pain and suffering.


The Secret of Influencing Your Reality

When tragic things happen to us in this world, there is nothing we can do to change it. Things happen as inevitable consequences of earlier thoughts, and there is no way to act in the spirit against something that already descends on you from above. All you can do in this world is to try as much as you can to avoid bodily harm, in our world of consequences. If you really want to influence your reality to avoid future tragedies, you should rise upward, to your origin, your root, and the place where the root of your enemy lies as well, and begin to sort things out there. The immediate result will be that everything in our world will change, because there is nothing in our world that is not a result of the world above.


Spiritual Development Requires Practicality

In many Jewish homes there are copies of The Zohar, mezuzahs (a text from the Bible that Jews place on doorposts), and charms. People think that there is some power in them, but in fact they do not help us today. We’ve come to a point in history when we have to rise above these things; we should go beyond them and get to know the power itself, its operations on us, rather than thinking that if we put up a mezuzah everything is going to be all right. We have to start being practical and focus on the upper force.


Why the Study of Advanced Kabbalah Books Requires the Study of Introductory Books First

Before we study The Zohar, we must first study several introductory books. There is much to read and learn to know how to open the book and what to search for in it.

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