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October 23, 2019

How Kabbalah Lets Anyone Have a Relationship With Nature’s Source

How Kabbalah Lets Anyone Have a Relationship with Nature

Here Is a Method that Is Helping People Receive Endless Enjoyment

Kabbalah in Hebrew means “reception.” As its name testifies, Kabbalah teaches how to receive. With the right attitude towards reality, it is possible to experience endless enjoyment. This endless enjoyment is not from sex, food, a new car, a big house, or other transient, mundane pleasures. Instead, it is from those delights that can fill us with such utter bliss that we would transcend any sensation of time to receive them.

We sense the passing of time by the fluctuations between good and bad feelings, or sensations of fulfillment and absence of fulfillment. However, when we are in a state of elation, we are unaware of time. The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that we can eliminate time altogether, along with the sensation of distance and any other limits or boundaries. One who has reached such a state is clearly living in an infinite, unlimited world.

Our lives will always contain two opposing elements—pleasure and desire, plus and minus. A pleasure that pervades a desire satiates it and cancels it. We come across this phenomenon in every area of life. When the plus neutralizes the minus, we end up feeling nothing at all. As long as we short-circuit pleasure and desire, we will be locked in a zero-sum equation. However, put a resistor between these opposites and they will work perfectly, creating everlasting enjoyment.


How Giving Is Possible through Receiving

Kabbalists explain that pleasure stems from the Upper Force. This Force sends us pleasure because It loves us. When we try to receive the pleasure directly, the pleasure cancels our desire to enjoy it and the pleasure stops.

Yet, there is another way to relate to the pleasure: If we could discover the love of the Upper Force towards us and return His love with ours, we would become equal to the Upper Force. Each party would want to please the other, and the desire to please the other would be each party’s enjoyment. Thus, the pleasure would be coming from without, originating from within each party, a consequence of each party’s love for the other. This is why pleasure from love does not quench the desire for it, and the creature receives an endless sensation of pleasure, which is felt as endless life.

Let us clarify this with an example: When a mother gives her daughter a candy, the daughter enjoys the pleasure of the candy’s flavor. As soon as the candy is finished, the pleasure fades. However, if the daughter related to her mother, instead of to the candy itself, she could think of her mother’s love for her, which is why she gave her the candy. She could then decide to receive the candy not because it was tasty and pleasing, but because she wanted to return her mother’s love.

The way she could express love for her mother would be to receive the candy that her mother wanted to give her. Thus, the daughter would not relate to the pleasure from the candy, but to the joy that her mother received from her daughter’s pleasure from the candy.

This creates a completely new relationship between the giver and the receiver. Now, the two have equalized. Thus, the problem of the plus and minus that neutralize each other is solved because the receiver—a minus—has become a giver—a plus. If the vessel receives the Light solely to return the Upper One’s love, it completely equalizes with the Giver, the Upper One. The pleasure no longer extinguishes the desire, and the pleasure lasts.

It is of no importance who gives and who receives. Only the intention matters, the way by which we relate to giving and to receiving. We can relate to the Upper Force in such a way that we will not be receivers from It, but Givers of It. Such an intention would enable us to receive not because we want the pleasure, but because we want to please the Upper Force.


Now You Can Interact with the Source of Life

At the end of the process, and because we act as the Upper Force does, we will gradually acquire Its reason, stature, and degree. When we can execute this process within us, we will begin to feel a connection with the Upper Force; we will feel that we have acquired Its reason, that we are learning how to receive from It and how we can give It pleasure. It only takes this simple act of changing the intention to become increasingly similar to the eternal, boundless Upper Force.

To perform such an act, we need the disclosure of the Upper Force, the sensation that there is an Upper Force, that It loves us and wants to fill us abundantly. If we felt all that, we would begin to sense the relationship between ourselves and the Upper Force. Thus, the only difficulty before us is finding a way to discover the Upper Force, feel It and maintain contact with It.

The study of Kabbalah helps every person develop this kind of contact. This relationship between a human being and the Upper Force begins once a person feels there is a “field” that sustains the whole reality, an Upper Force, and that he or she is inside It. If we only begin to feel that this Force exists and that It relates to us lovingly, wanting us to know and come closer to It, we will naturally begin to develop this kind of relationship.

People who experienced clinical death speak of a sublime Light that awaits us, and many scientists are also beginning to consider similar concepts. But it is not necessary to experience such predicaments to feel this Light. The study of Kabbalah can gradually enable us to sense the Upper Force. We begin to research reality and operate according to what we discover and perceive.


How Can You Know if Nature Loves You?

When we feel this Force outside us, we discover that the Upper Force loves us; we then begin to feel that the Upper Force exists to benefit us and that It wants us to enjoy. We develop our reciprocal attitudes accordingly.

There is no fantasy here; these are very real and measurable things. Kabbalists measure the shape and power by which this Force comes to them, the pressure It puts on them, the corresponding resistance they have to apply, how they can connect to It, resemble It, in which of their desires they can already be like It, and in which they still cannot.

Kabbalists are impressed by the Upper Force and return its love to the extent that the Upper Force appears to them as loving, as wanting to benefit them.

We are “vessels that feel,” hence everything begins from our sensation of the Upper Force. We all want something. If we could feel that this something came from someone, our attitude to reality would change drastically; now, we would have someone to relate to. The study of Kabbalah can help us feel the Upper Force, the sensation of the Giver.


Why Being Able to Feel the Source of Nature Expands Perception

The minute we begin to feel the Upper Force and build a relationship with It, we begin to feel the outside reality. Kabbalists say that there is nothing around us but the Upper Force, that we are in a field that fills the whole reality. When we begin to feel this field, our bodies become completely insignificant. We begin to feel where we exist permanently, endlessly, with or without our bodies. In such a state, we no longer depend on the sensations we receive through our five senses.

We begin to perceive the external reality beyond the five senses in addition to our natural sensory perception. When that happens, physical life or death no longer matters. This state is above the sensation of life we experience while we are in our “box”; we become connected to the boundless stream of life surrounding us. Although we do continue to exist in this world, we simultaneously live in all the worlds, forever.

Such a sensation is evoked by perceiving the two forms of reality: the reality perceived in our five senses, and the outside reality. As a matter of fact, the sensation of the outside reality overshadows the sensation of the reality perceived in our five senses because it is far more intense, boundless, and unlimited.


Kabbalah: The Instruction Manual for Building a Relationship With the Source of Nature

When the Upper Force appears to a person as loving and evokes the Form of bestowal in that person, one “crosses the barrier” and enters “the spiritual world.” This process is very similar to the way photographs were developed. When I was a child, we would take pictures on a film and dip the film in chemicals to develop the pictures. When the film was immersed in the chemicals we would watch how the picture gradually became clearer.

We are used to treating the world as a reality where people, organizations, and public institutions influence the course of our lives, such as our neighbors, our employers, and our government. Slowly and gradually, through actions aimed at discovering the Upper Force, we will begin to feel what truly stands behind everything that happens in the world. We will begin to see how this Force operates people like puppets on strings, and we will understand what It wants of us.

Slowly, through our life experiences, we will begin to see that everything comes from a single attitude of someone, this Upper Force that operates on us. This is the point from which the wisdom of Kabbalah truly begins.

Everything that happens prior to this is called “the preparatory period,” before the crossing of the barrier. From the moment one begins to feel the Upper Force and comes in contact with it, one begins to understand the instructions in the Kabbalah books that are written especially for the reader. These books tell Kabbalists what they should mind, what to do, and which reactions they can expect.

This process is similar to the way grownups teach children to behave. Because children do not know the rules of conduct in this world, we warn them of things that might fail them and suggest how they should behave. Kabbalists have written their instructions for us in precisely the same manner. Books of Kabbalah are actually manuals that inform us how we can advance more quickly and improve our relationship with the Upper Force, a relationship we call “the spiritual world.”

Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life by Dr. Michael Laitman“How Kabbalah Lets Anyone Have a Relationship With Nature’s Source” is based on the book, Kabbalah, Science and the Meaning of Life by Dr. Michael Laitman.

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