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July 17, 2024

Archive for October 2, 2014

Yom Kippur Explained [Video]

Dr. Michael Laitman discusses the Yom Kippur holiday and the story of Jonah with “Like A Bundle of Reeds” executive editor, Chaim Ratz.

“Like A Bundle of Reeds” is a TV series originally broadcast on JLTV based on the book of the same title. It deals with the following topics, among others:

  • Are Jews different from other nations?
  • Why is there anti-Semitism?
  • Could the Holocaust happen again?
  • What can I do?
  • Why are there Jews?

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What Is Yom Kippur? – New Special Holiday eBooklet

What Is Yom Kippur?

Have you read the new Yom Kippur eBooklet, “The Secret to a Happy Year,” by Dr. Michael Laitman?

If not, then we’d like to give you a free copy, which you can read and/or download at the following page:

Get My Free Copy of the Yom Kippur eBooklet: The Secret to a Happy Year »

Just click the “Read Online” or the “Download for Free” buttons on the above-linked page to either read the Yom Kippur eBooklet now in your browser, or to save it on your computer or mobile device for a later read.


Warning: Are You Aware of the One Thing You Have Freedom of Choice In?

Warning: Are You Aware of the One Thing You Have Freedom of Choice In?

The Unconscious (or Conscious) Drive that Governs Your Life

The human being is created in the image of the Creator. Therefore, knowingly or unknowingly, he or she aspires to have all the attributes that characterize the Creator. For example, the Creator is in a state of eternal and complete rest. Because of that we too aspire for rest, and all our movements are only a means to attain it. The Creator is one and unique, therefore, everyone declares how much he or she, meaning his or her ego, is also one and unique. Our aspiration to achieve things we think cannot be attained comes from our soul, which is a part of the Creator. We in fact aspire for the situation of the Creator, who is actually free. And this is the purpose of our existence. If that weren’t possible, the concept of freedom would simply not exist.


Why Your Only Independence Is in Rising Above Your Nature

Our freedom, our independence, is only possible to the extent that we are freed from our nature and can rise above it. That is because our nature is predetermined. To attain the real and absolute freedom, we have to activate a special mechanism to open the door of the cage of our corporeal world into a spiritual, eternal, and free realm.

We have to fight for our freedom. Our whole life is comprised of struggles for bits of fictitious freedom, which society obliges us to engage in. We try to be as it would have us be, and we are prepared to fill up our lives with empty acts, just to get some recognition and respect.

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