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July 17, 2024

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The Greatest Force in Reality that You Can Use to Achieve Balance

The Greatest Force in Reality that You Can Use to Achieve Balance

What Are “Supernatural Powers?”

It all started with believing in supernatural powers. People believe that there are individuals who are imbued with supernatural powers who can influence others and foresee and control the future. Those people are willing to spend fortunes on healing, defense from the “evil eye,” and fortunetelling. They believe that evil thoughts can harm another person and that the damage can be so great that it will be beyond repair and might haunt a person forever, causing damage in every aspect of life, including business and family.


The Power of Human Thought

When someone comes to me with a complaint about suffering from an “evil eye,” that person is in fact trying to say that someone influenced him or her badly, meaning someone acted in a harmful way through the power of thought. That person also believes that I hold the power to neutralize that evil thought through my own power of thought. If this person asks to neutralize another person’s thoughts, then he or she believes in the power of thought and that thoughts do in fact act and come true in our world.


The Most Powerful Force in the World

The power of thought is the single most powerful force in reality. Our experience tells us that the more subtle and elusive a power is, the stronger and less limited it is. Today, there are even scientists that recognize this. Radio waves, magnetic and electric fields, radioactivity, and gravity are all examples of forces that we know of only by their actions and the phenomena they induce in our world. There are, however, forces such as the power of the thought whose actions we cannot even identify.

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