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July 17, 2024

Archive for October 7, 2014

How Complete Balance with Nature Can Be Achieved

How Complete Balance with Nature Can Be Achieved

Why It Is Beneficial to Live in Accord with Nature’s Laws

We do not say anything new in Kabbalah that goes against human logic. All the laws of the natural sciences speak in one form or another about each part of creation striving for the center, for a physical-biological balance (whether an atom, a molecule, an inanimate object, or a living organism). This is the principle of every law of nature, and it is also the principle of Kabbalah, but Kabbalah relates those collective laws of creation to humanity.

The very fact that we are a part of nature necessitates us to be subordinate to it. It is not a question of will, and neither is our very existence in this world. Hence, if a person accepts the laws of nature and keeps them, he or she will feel good, and if not, the opposite.

The collective laws of nature bring us back to a state of balance called the “center of creation.” The minute you begin to want to go back to that center, as the law that returns does, you will feel that you are stepping on a comfortable road, because you agree with the force and keep its laws. On the other hand, if you do not know that law and act according to your own understanding, you will be punished. That is the way nature works—anyone who breaks its laws is punished, including people, who are inseparable parts of nature.


Introducing the Law of Equivalence of Form

We are the only creatures who regularly break the laws of nature because all other creatures work only according to their natural impulses. Those impulses also exist in us, but they are not enough for us to know how to behave in nature, and if we do not acquire this knowledge, we will simply become extinct.

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Do You Want To Experience Enormous Spiritual Advancement? Read This

Do You Want To Experience Enormous Spiritual Advancement? Read This

Kabbalah Unveils the Mystery of What Happens to Your Soul After Your Body Dies

Kabbalah teaches us that our physical body is simply a clothing for or eternal soul, that goes through life cycles as it develops towards its final correction.

What happens to our bodies after death is much like what happens to the wheat seed when it rots in the ground. The physical body disintegrates and we receive a new body. But the soul, the former spiritual potential, still remains in the form of a gene, potential information that transcends from one phase, from the old physical body to the next, through a physical detachment called “death.”

As long as the body has not fully disintegrated, the next cycle cannot start. Only when it disintegrates does the new cycle of evolution begin. That is why Jews bury their dead with- out delay. There are even some practices that enable the new life to begin sooner, such as adding lime to the grave so that the body will rot faster—as though asking for the new phase of correction to begin sooner.


The Secret of Developing Your Soul Without Having to Undergo Death

The transition from life to life requires a complete disintegration, just like the wheat seed, until only the essence remains: a pure power, denied of any physical clothing. This essence is called the reshimo. Between the degrees, between one life cycle and the next, there is a severance, a void. For this reason a person cannot see the transitions from phase to phase. However, a Kabbalist transcends from cycle to cycle thousands of times. He or she controls the transitions, and in each of them leaves behind a reshimo. A Kabbalist doesn’t need to leave the physical body to begin a new life because he or she identifies with the soul, not with the body.

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