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July 17, 2024

Archive for October 9, 2014

The Guide to Develop a Positive Relationship with Nature

The Guide to Develop a Positive Relationship with Nature

The Key to Organizing Life in the Best Possible Way Today

The soul is like a computer program. Before it dresses in substance, it is no more than a thought, an idea, a collection of connections between events in various situations. The system the Creator built is also like a computer program; the Creator is the program. If we study it, we will be able to organize the situations we face in the best possible way for ourselves and for society. That program is not detached from our thoughts, rather it is inside us. But it is a still an object in and of itself.


Nature Is Unchanging

The program, the Creator, doesn’t change, no matter how much we might like it to. But thoughts and prayers, meaning our desires, are what change us. The Creator is a desire: “The desire to delight (please) the creatures.” As a result of past suffering, we become better suited for this program; we feel it is suitable for us, that it seems to treat us mercifully.

Kabbalah explains that the upper force, meaning the plan of the Creator, is complete, and it is only the vessels that change. Everything depends on the changes in the vessels, not on the light, because the light does not change.

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