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July 17, 2024

Archive for October 8, 2014

Now You Can Understand and Take Control of the System of Reality

Now You Can Understand and Take Control of the System of Reality

Some People Actually Understand the Entire System of Nature

Kabbalists want to teach you how to do whatever you want using a special program in your “computer.” The system in this computer is nature, but humanity is the only part in this system that actually operates, which is why it sometimes seems as though nature is caged in a box, in a computer, and only we are outside. We are the only ones who can work with this program—receive data, affect that data, and get a response to our actions on the screen.

Kabbalists are the only ones who use and control this program, and they pass on the knowledge about the right approach to nature and how to control it from generation to generation. Their books describe how this world can be managed. This wisdom is called Hochmat ha Nistar (the wisdom of the hidden), because only a worthy person can study it, and for the rest it remains a secret. If a person does not correct his or her attributes as nature demands, he or she cannot understand that wisdom. Even in our present situation, we can begin to learn this wisdom. And even if we use it egoistically for the time being, we will improve our situation and our lives.

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