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September 30, 2023

Why the Mysterious Kabbalah Was Hidden, Is Now Being Revealed, and What this Means for You

Why the Mysterious Kabbalah Was Hidden, Is Now Being Revealed, and What this Means for You

The Purpose of Kabbalah

Throughout history, during those times when Kabbalah was concealed from most people, rivulets of the wisdom still seeped through, which gave rise to various erroneous conjectures about its purpose. Even today, most prevalent concepts about Kabbalah are fundamentally wrong. Kabbalah engages neither in improving the human existence in this world, nor in mystical or ecstatic experiences.

The sole purpose of the wisdom of Kabbalah is realizing the desire for spirituality, which in turn leads a person to realize his or her purpose in life. Once that desire surfaces, a person begins to need the Kabbalah; before that, it is redundant.


Why Kabbalah Is No Longer Hidden

In previous generations, when the desire for spirituality had not yet ripened, Kabbalists set up boundaries on the study of Kabbalah, aiming to filter out those with unripe desires. The few whose desire had ripened in them were imparted the method, despite all the limitations. Now that humanity is experiencing the surfacing of the last degree of the will to receive— the desire for spirituality—concealing the Kabbalah is no longer pertinent. The ban on studying it has been lifted and the filtering at the gate of the study is performed in an entirely different way: Being a method to acquire genuine spirituality, the Kabbalah naturally filters out those with other desires, such as for sex, money, or power. It simply cannot assist in fulfilling those desires.


The Final Desire in the Evolution of Human Desires Is Spirituality

For us to reach our true purpose in life, we must experience all the evolutionary phases along the way, starting with the first phase of the growth of the will to receive—the egoism— until we reach the fifth and last degree—the desire for spirituality. At the end of that state, a feeling of crisis and disillusion from this world awaits us. Only after using up all the desires of this world to the fullest, and still wanting, are we ready to discover the next degree of evolution: spirituality.

Exposing the wisdom of Kabbalah before the surfacing of the full power of the egoism would have resulted in a world filled with misconceptions about the connection between spirituality and corporeality, much more than it is today, deviating humanity from the correct evolutionary path.


Why Kabbalah Is Often Misunderstood

Today, various establishments promise improved quality of life, a “quick fix” for our mishaps. However, even when they apply the name Kabbalah to their practice, they infuse it with alien and irrelevant substances. The current thriving of this industry around the Kabbalah results from a common subconscious sensation that the answer to the growing disillusion with life lies in the Kabbalah. This is yet another phase in the disenchantment of humankind from its attempt to satisfy the inflating ego.


Kabbalah Is Being Revealed in Conjunction with Human Evolution

We must understand that there is no one person who is artificially promoting the disclosure and expansion of the Kabbalah. The general law of evolution—aspiring to bring the entire creation to its purpose—is the force behind the current exposure of the Kabbalah. Thus, the wisdom of Kabbalah is breaking out from the caves into the center stage of human con- sciousness to finally correct humanity’s egoistic nature, the very nature that has turned every human achievement into a menace.

Awakening to Kabbalah by Dr. Michael Laitman“Why the Mysterious Kabbalah Was Hidden, Is Now Being Revealed, and What this Means for You” is based on the book, Awakening to Kabbalah: The Guiding Light of Spiritual Fulfillment by Dr. Michael Laitman.

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