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January 28, 2022

Discover the Amazing Gift That Kabbalah Can Give to Your Life

Discover the Amazing Gift That Kabbalah Can Give to Your Life

How the Study of Kabbalah Works On You in a Gradual Way

In truth our present perception of reality is very limited, undeveloped. Our sensors are very unrefined. We cannot feel much of what happens inside our own bodies, such as molecular collisions or the birth of new cells. Therefore, there are many changes that need to take place for us to start feeling anything. Before any feeling is created in us, millions of wheels must revolve inside, entire mechanisms have to perform many corrections before those corrections are felt by us.

The study of the Kabbalah works on various levels of our soul, in attributes of the will to receive what we cannot feel just yet. A person reads but understands nothing, and so feels no reason to continue to study. The person feels this way because the text is working on attributes below the threshold of his or her feelings. It is like a person filling a glass of water and wondering why the bottom part of the glass has to be filled first before he or she can drink off the top. There seems to be no reason to be concerned with the other parts.


For Kabbalah to be Effective a Special Intention Is Needed from You

Our will to receive is corrected through the study of the Kabbalah. The study deals with the different levels of the soul, the vessel and the desire, which are at the bottom of the glass. We don’t touch them, do not drink them, and do not feel their actual taste until they reach the top, where we actually begin to feel them.

But very slowly one does begin to feel. It is a slow process because the will to receive, our egoism, is very deep and complex. Slowly we adapt to the light, the number of attributes in the will to receive matches that of the light. Therefore, even if we don’t understand what we are studying, we must continue to study with the intention of attaining the attributes of the light, and not for the purpose of mere understanding.

Without this intention, without the desire to attain the light, nothing will be gained. The power of the study and the light works on us according to our power of intent and desire. The disclosure is a slow and gradual process, but if we connect everything we feel with the primary question, “What is the meaning of my life?” all other questions, which are conse- quences of this one, are answered by themselves.


How Your Personal Correction Influences Everything Positively

When a person corrects his or her desire and aim, all other parts of creation below—animal, vegetative, and inanimate— participate in the ascent, though they are unaware of it. They cannot feel it, because it is something that can only be felt in the human degree, in spiritual changes. But the general effect of the light is felt at all levels of creation.

We raise all parts of nature with us. Because we are the only beings with the goal to give as well as receive and because we can ask ourselves the essential question “What am I living for?” we are the source of correction for the whole world, and the only ones obliged to perform it. The world is changing according to us: if we change a little for the better, so does the world. Those changes are so small that we cannot detect them, yet they do necessarily and immediately happen, both for better and for worse. Creation is always under a gradual process of development (evolution), which depends on the changes of humanity.


What Becoming a Kabbalist Allows You to Do

Power is an external manifestation of a desire. When I want something, I insist, I push and pull, I do anything I can to get what I want. When we speak of the powers of nature, such as gravity, electromagnetic energy, or chemical bonds, in the end, they are all essentially two: the pulling force, which wants to receive, and the pushing force, which wants to give. They are the only two forces in nature, and everything else is but combi- nations of them.

In the spiritual world there is only the creature and the Creator. The creature is the desire to give to the Creator, and the Creator is the desire to give to the creature. All other creations have no freedom of choice and are therefore called “angels.” Our work is to collect those desires to receive, or angels, that do not have freedom of choice and add them to ones that do have that freedom to correct those desires.

At this point we should ask the following question: If willpower is that strong, then why can’t Kabbalists, being the ones who perform all the corrections of nature, manage all of nature? The answer is that they can indeed. A Kabbalist is a person who has corrected his or her nature and attained the higher degrees of creation, a person who can see how the world is managed and by which laws it abides. Kabbalists agree with these laws because they have corrected themselves and sustain the existence of these laws with the power of will. That is what gives Kabbalists the permission to manage nature.

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