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August 13, 2020

The Burning Need Today to Rise to a New Level

The Burning Need Today to Rise to a New Level

Today, we are compelled to rise to a new level. In order to do so, all of nature’s forces are concentrated on our ascent, urging and forcing us to rise. The wisdom of Kabbalah has become revealed in order to helps us rise and exit to the next level.


How Will We Build a Future Society?

Firstly, we must get a general idea about our world’s state today in order to understand where it is sliding, and what precipice it is heading to. Secondly, we must realize that we, humanity, have no way of overcoming any problem.

The solution is to become like nature. Nature is entirely global and integral. We are all mutually linked around the world. We thus need to have the same form as nature. Then, we will reach wholeness.

Nature is drawn and attracted toward wholeness, reciprocity, and equivalence of form. Similar to the atmosphere where masses of cold and warm air are balanced, the wind arises between pressure and lack of pressure, bringing everything into balance. We also thus must connect among ourselves so that society will become homogeneous, absolutely united.

We must reach this state. Otherwise, we will enter into a collision with nature, something that will lead to an inevitable explosion. [Source: Dr. Michael Laitman, “The Future Is a Homogeneous Society”]


The Law of Purpose


Is Our Ego Good for Us?

There are egoistic forces that manifest in different types, forms and qualities between us that are constantly growing and pushing us apart. We must use these egoistic forces to build our addition precisely against them, put our plus where there is a minus, in order to have a proper input of negative and positive, convex and concave pieces in this puzzle, and make one common picture.

This is very difficult because every one of us must act against his or her individual egoism. I need to understand that the egoism in me is either convex or concave, that when I take from another without giving, it creates convex or concave pieces out of our forms, like pieces of a puzzle that can be put together. I must arrange for my egoistic, positive (giving), and negative (receiving), impulses and possibilities to connect harmoniously with the egoistic, positive and negative qualities and movements of others.

And if everyone takes each other into consideration, then we will mutually add up and create a common continuous picture of our new state. This is very hard work. In the process of this work we must clearly understand who we are, the forces that operate in us, the location of our convex and concave pieces, the desires and qualities that exist in us, we must fully understand our entire nature. [Source: Dr. Michael Laitman, “How To Assemble A Perfect Humanity”]


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