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July 23, 2024

Archive for May 21, 2007

Time to Act

In his article Time to Act, Baal HaSulam discusses the uniqueness of our time. He states that ours is the time when humanity has sufficiently matured to desire spirituality.

The desire for spirituality manifests when a person’s entire life, with all its joys, grows meaningless and empty. In our generation, a growing number of people experience it.

Time to Act explains that today’s condition has been long-awaited, and has finally arrived. Now it is possible to reveal the wisdom of Kabbalah because it explains:

– our essence,
– what keeps the universe evolving—and us within it,
– and the purpose for which it all exists.

Nature does not create anything in vain. In principle, nature is the force of the Creator. In Hebrew, the word for Elokim, God, has the same numerical value as the word Teva, nature. This means that these two words are spiritual synonyms. Nature—everything we perceive—represents how the Creator appears to us.

Baal HaSulam says that the revelation of the Creator, and specifically in our time, will grant us an infinitely broader perspective of the universe and enhanced perception of our existence. We will experience a life of eternal and harmonious motion, the confluence of all matter, information, and energy. According to Baal HaSulam, we can and must achieve this in our generation.

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