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July 23, 2024

Archive for May 1, 2007

All We Need is the Creator’s Revelation


All human suffering is a result of having one need unfulfilled:
the need to perceive and unite with the Creator.
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United Press International (May 1, 2007): In this article, Rav Michael Laitman, PhD raises the argument that all suffering is only a result of lacking the perception of the source of the suffering – the Creator: “The only element lacking in our world is the perception of the Creator. All we need is to fulfill this lack, and therein is the key to a perfect life, free from suffering and full of bliss.”

Rav Laitman continues by discussing the reason for the Creator’s concealment and how Kabbalah is emerging today as the user-manual for revealing the Creator.

From the article:
How much easier would life be if the Creator were not hidden, but were clearly perceived and seen by every one of us? With such a perception, we would have no doubts about His existence. We would be able to observe the outcomes of His Providence on the surrounding world; we would know the cause and the purpose of our creation; we would clearly see the results of our actions and His reactions to them. If we could see Him, we would share our problems with Him, ask for His counsel and assistance, complain to Him about our troubles, and ask Him to explain why He treats us as He does.” —
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