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July 23, 2024

Archive for December 5, 2014

How to Develop Your Ability to Experience Spirituality

How to Develop Your Ability to Experience Spirituality

You Must Desire to be on the Wavelength of Spirituality

When we want to be impressed by something, whether emotionally, intellectually, or otherwise, we must be on the same “wavelength” with it and thus possess the same quality. For example, to detect radio waves, the receiver must produce the same wavelength, and only then can we detect the wave on the outside.


Your Senses Are Currently Opposite to Spirituality

Nature’s overall force is a “desire to give,” to bestow, to impart abundance. conversely, our nature is one of “desire to receive delight and pleasure,” a desire to enjoy for ourselves alone. Our nature is self-centered; it is how we were made, as Kabbalah tells us. In other words, we are in contrast with the upper force, opposite from it, and hence we cannot sense it.

Is there anything we can do to sense it? We cannot destroy our nature and our will to receive, nor do we need to. We should continue with our lives as usual, and at the same time acquire new tools of perception.

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