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July 23, 2024

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Learn the Language of Spirituality

Learn the Language of Spirituality

The Wisdom of Kabbalah teaches us, that the most important written source to guide us on the spiritual path is The Book of Zohar. We also learn that that Zohar is not really a book, but a while system that can induce inner changes in us, if we approach out properly.

The Significance of ”Letters” in the Book of Zohar

Let us now approach the first reading of The Book of Zohar. The excerpt below is taken from the portion VaYikra [The Lord called], and discusses letters.

“Ask for a letter from the Lord your god; ask either in the depth, or raise it above. What is the difference between the first generations and the last generations? The first generations knew and observed the high wisdom; they knew how to put together the letters that Moses was given in Sinai. …And we know that in the upper letters that extend from Bina, and in the lower letters that extend from Malchut, it is wise to conduct actions in this world.”

Where do letters come from? They come from the upper force. I must demand of the upper force to give me letters.


Letters Are Forms Resembling Spirituality

What are “letters”? Letters are forms by which I turn my substance—the will to receive, the ego—into being similar to the upper force—the power of love and giving. Each letter is a new form of giving that I have built within me, and in which I am somewhat similar to the upper force.

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