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July 23, 2024

Archive for December 30, 2014

How “Israel” Relates to Kabbalah & Why Kabbalah is Meant for Everyone

How “Israel” Relates to Kabbalah & Why Kabbalah is Meant for Everyone

The Integration of Israel (Those Who Had Attained Spirituality) into the World

We learn in the Wisdom of Kabbalah how after Abraham established his methodical system for the attainment of spirituality, he and his group of students left Babylon towards the land that later became the land of Israel.

Let us return to those people who could not perceive Abraham’s notion in ancient Babylon. When they departed Babel, they scattered across the globe as seventy nations and developed materially.

Alone, they would never have been able to perceive the notion of the spiritual. Yet, if they could not perceive it, it would contradict the purpose of creation: to bring all the people to the level of the creator. Hence, the contact point between Israel and the rest of the nations had to be recreated.

That process unfolded by intensifying the ego within Israel, after which the people declined from their degree and scattered among the nations. The idea was to mingle the souls of Israel with the souls of the nations of the world, to “sow” seeds of spirituality within the other nations.


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