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July 23, 2024

Archive for December 17, 2014

What Is the Cause Of the Ecological Collapse?


Dr. Michael Laitman: As of now, the ecosystem of the Earth is collapsing, being crushed, shattered, and annihilated. Our incorrect relationship to nature causes terrible problems. We have already reached the North and South poles, where they are getting ready to drill for oil.

But on its own, planet Earth possesses an amazing characteristic of renewal under the influence of positive signs that descend from above. So a person’s task is to invite these signs, not to clean the Earth of garbage. This won’t work. As much as we clean it, it becomes filthier and filthier, for chemical and biological cleansing damage the ecology even more.

Rather, the idea is that everything found on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate nature can regenerate and recover at an amazing speed. And this is possible only if a higher spiritual level brings positive signs.

The moment that humanity becomes harmonious through integral consolidation, the entire ecology will, in fact. immediately become balanced and the world will begin to blossom and spread a pleasant fragrance. It is not necessary to be concerned about it in particular, just as it isn’t necessary to be concerned about anything that is found below the spiritual level. If we make a correction on the spiritual level, the corrections will pass down and immediately cause changes on the physical level.

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Contrasts – Ego and Love

 Contrast_Ego and Love

 We must not destroy anything within us.

Even the most negative attributes should remain.
We do not create anything new,
but only correct how we use
what already exists within us.

Question: Why were we created with ego in the first place, if we will eventually have to correct it?

We come to know the world by comparing opposites —hot vs. cold, black vs. white. We recognize one in relation to the other. If everything were white, we wouldn’t detect anything. Likewise, if everything were black, we wouldn’t detect anything, either.

Contrast is always necessary, the disparity between colors, sensations, and places. We sense the differences between things, but not each thing separately.

The Creator is love and bestowal. However, we will not be able to sense what bestowal is if we are not opposite to it. This is why we need the ego—“help made against him.” Being opposite from the Creator helps us know and sense the Creator.

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