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July 23, 2024

Archive for December 25, 2014

Is Spiritual Attainment Your Goal? Read the Fine Print on Attainment

Is Spiritual Attainment Your Goal? Read the Fine Print on Attainment

“We only attain the worlds according to our senses and sensations, as it was His will for us to attain Him so. This is the meaning of ‘There is no change in the Light.’” ~ Baal HaSulam

4 Aspects of Attainment and a Couple We Won’t Achieve

Now let us look into the four kinds of an object’s attainment:

1) Matter – We receive the most complete idea in our world with the first kind of attainment – Matter. This information is quite sufficient for our existence and interaction with the surrounding world.

2) Form in Matter – We receive the second kind of attainment, Form in Matter, after researching the surrounding nature using our senses. The evolution of this kind of attainment has led to the creation of science, on which we so deeply rely in every situation in life. This level of attainment of the world is also quite sufficient for humans.

3) Abstract Form – The third kind of attainment, Abstract Form, would have been possible if we could observe this form while detached from matter, rather than while dressed in matter. However, a form can be separated from matter only in imagination. Yet, as a rule, researching a form that is disconnected from matter, in its abstract form, yields no reliable results, and is not confirmed de facto. This is even truer when researching forms that have never been dressed in matter!

4) Essence – Thus, we see that of the four kinds of attainment of an object, its Essence is totally imperceptible, and its Abstract Form is attained incorrectly.
Only matter and its form, when analyzed in conjunction with matter, yield true and sufficient data about the researched object.


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