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January 28, 2022

Do You Want To Experience Enormous Spiritual Advancement? Read This

Do You Want To Experience Enormous Spiritual Advancement? Read This

Kabbalah Unveils the Mystery of What Happens to Your Soul After Your Body Dies

Kabbalah teaches us that our physical body is simply a clothing for or eternal soul, that goes through life cycles as it develops towards its final correction.

What happens to our bodies after death is much like what happens to the wheat seed when it rots in the ground. The physical body disintegrates and we receive a new body. But the soul, the former spiritual potential, still remains in the form of a gene, potential information that transcends from one phase, from the old physical body to the next, through a physical detachment called “death.”

As long as the body has not fully disintegrated, the next cycle cannot start. Only when it disintegrates does the new cycle of evolution begin. That is why Jews bury their dead with- out delay. There are even some practices that enable the new life to begin sooner, such as adding lime to the grave so that the body will rot faster—as though asking for the new phase of correction to begin sooner.


The Secret of Developing Your Soul Without Having to Undergo Death

The transition from life to life requires a complete disintegration, just like the wheat seed, until only the essence remains: a pure power, denied of any physical clothing. This essence is called the reshimo. Between the degrees, between one life cycle and the next, there is a severance, a void. For this reason a person cannot see the transitions from phase to phase. However, a Kabbalist transcends from cycle to cycle thousands of times. He or she controls the transitions, and in each of them leaves behind a reshimo. A Kabbalist doesn’t need to leave the physical body to begin a new life because he or she identifies with the soul, not with the body.

It is even possible to go from this life to the next without dying. For this breakthrough to happen, for the soul to jump over its current corporeal incarnation to instigate a new degree of development, a person has to detach from his or her body mentally or spiritually, like the Kabbalist. Thus that person experiences many cycles during his or her physical life. In one lifetime he or she can go the whole way from beginning to end, to the purpose of creation, to the starting point of the soul.

We will be able to see the changes that occur in us with our own eyes only if we go beyond the degree of our world and enter the spiritual world, much like a person in a state of clini- cal death, watching from the side as the doctors fight for his or her life. From the upper level we can see what happens to us, research and manage our own lives and control their quality.


Making Practical Sense of Your Reincarnation Process

This force that transcends from our past lives, from the previous body to the next life, is called the “bed.” It is the force that carries on the spiritual information itself, the essence of our lives. If the seed was a seed of wheat, it continues to be a seed of wheat. A certain soul will remain the same soul, but it will be dressed in a different body.

The soul dresses in a body that is suited for the execution of the program inside it. The attributes of the soul and the corrections it must go through define the characteristics of the physical body that it creates around it. We determine our future situation through our spiritual attainments in this cycle, meaning what kind of body and what conditions we will have in the next life. It is all up to the reshimo, which creates around it a new body after the demise of the current one. All the data about the corrections that the soul still has to go through is found in the reshimo.


The Root of Your Good and Bad Behavior Traits

A person can still come back to this world, once his or her corporeal assignment is completed. That person appears when he or she is completely corrected and his or her soul descends only to help others. From the same reshimot (plural for reshimo) that create the human body extend all the differences between people: their characteristics, talents, and tendencies are all determined by the internal attributes of the soul, by its need to realize what it must do in this world.

We receive the first element—the bed, the essence, the spiritual object, our spiritual gene—directly from the Creator. Therefore, it is clear that it is impossible to influence it in any way. That element includes the origin of a person within it, his or her echelon of thought, and the state of mind of his or her ancestors as well as the knowledge they have acquired. Afterward this knowledge appears as tendencies, as physical and mental characteristics of the personality of which we are unaware. They can be imprinted in a person as belief or skepticism, materialism or spirituality, or perhaps shyness or extroversion. These attributes are like the wheat seed that loses its corporeal shape in the ground. They are given to us without a physical body to contain them, through natural inheritance, and because of that they sometimes appear in the opposite form.

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