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January 28, 2022

Why Spirituality Is Something You Can’t Live Without

Why Spirituality Is Something You Cannot Live Without

Why Every Action Brings a Person Closer to Spirituality

Every person was created with a complex corporeal body, and what one does in this world affects it. Therefore, what we do in our world is important. Whatever we do with an intention toward the Creator is considered a spiritual act, though the act itself might still be completely “beastly.”

Nevertheless, anything we do inevitably leads us toward the purpose of creation. Even the pains we suffer in life do not come in vain, but are collected, and when the right time comes, they count in our favor. This happens slowly over many years, and we are not a consciously active part of it. To shorten this long path of pain, the Creator gave us the Torah, which directs us to the right goal less painfully.


Kabbalah Is a Method that Speeds Up Your Spiritual Development

Only in recent decades have a growing number of special souls begun to descend to our world, these souls having collected a sufficient amount of pain. These souls took the path of pain, accumulated deficits, and now those pains have turned into a yearning for the wisdom of Kabbalah. In future lives, these souls will delve into the study of Kabbalah more intensely and within a month or two attain fantastic results because they have accumulated a sufficient desire for it in their past lives. If a person has a strong enough desire to study and focuses just on Kabbalah for one purpose only, then in three to five years he or she will enter the spiritual world.


How to Influence Your Heart to Want Spiritual Progress

We pray involuntarily for what lies in our heart, since the desire in our heart is prayer. The role of prayer is to prepare our heart to yearn to feel the Creator. Therefore, a genuine prayer is called “the work of the heart”; the preparation is in our heart. Through a special kind of work, through study and examination, we can prepare ourselves to awaken the right desire.

We shouldn’t have to refrain from pleasures, but whether we choose to receive them or not, the heart can’t help but want them. It is impossible to impose anything on our heart. Only through vigorous work on ourselves, using a variety of means, will we be able to change the direction of the desires of the heart toward spirituality. Even in our current degree, we have to say that we “want to feel the Creator” even if it is for a mere personal pleasure. That desire must be complete because only then will it bear the desired result.


The Purposefulness of the Pain You Feel in Life

The Creator sends us mental and physical pains, and the only way that psychologists and doctors can ease our pains is to help people to communicate, cooperate, and support one another. Healing works because it helps to gather the souls into one collective soul.

Under no circumstances should we interpret the pain in our lives as a punishment for past events. Instead, pain is a specific, rough providence that comes from the Creator, pointing the right direction for attaining the thought of creation. If a person understands the pains, he or she can experience them alone, mentally, bringing them about actively rather than waiting until they push him or her from above. In this way a person advances his or her development.

But just because you may not feel any pain, does not mean that you are on the right track. Rather, you are simply in a phase where the Creator does not demand anything specific of you and doesn’t push you in any specific direction. Not feeling pain is a sign that your time has not yet come.


When a Person Awakens to Need Kabbalah

We come to study Kabbalah when life’s events bring us to it. The first phase—being persistent about learning—is not an independent decision, because at that point we are still under the influence of the preliminary push from above. But continuing to study depends on our independent efforts to be aware of what we were brought here for and on continuous efforts toward that purpose.

Each soul has a specific assignment in this world. Some come down for a certain purpose at the end of which they retire early from the world. Such was the soul of the Holy Ari, who passed away at age thirty-six, leaving behind an enormous amount of writings.

From the fall of the souls from the degree of Adam ha Rishon to the degree of this world, all the information about all the degrees of descent is kept within the souls. These souls robe bodies in this world and compel us to go through the entire evolutionary process from this world back to the place from which we began to fall, realizing all those reshimot found in them after the descent.

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