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March 27, 2023

Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Expanding Your Perception of Reality

Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Expanding Your Perception of Reality

Why Your Perception Is Limited

The evolution of humankind on an egoistic basis (for myself alone) caused the creation of a deep chasm between the moral level of humanity and the technological level it reached. That is exactly what Plato and Aristotle feared when they prohibited the study of sciences to those of unworthy moral standards.

There is not a shadow of a doubt that there is a connection between the moral degree of a person, meaning their intentions, and their scientific ability. Without the intent to discover the Creator and understand the purpose of creation, scientific studies only reveal a certain aspect of the laws of reality and how they work in our narrow world. After all, we study reality from an egoistic perspective, and therefore we perceive only certain connections out of all the details of our surrounding reality.

Each law acts in all the realms of creation, in this world and in the spiritual world. But we can see its full range of operation only if we too are in a realm that encircles the whole of creation. For that we must be compatible with the attributes of the realm we want to encircle—altruistic attributes of giving, the attributes of the degrees of the upper worlds.


How Your Internal Properties Dictate What You See and Feel

We do not change nature on our own. The attributes of nature never change, and there is also no change in the interconnections between the forces of nature. But nature looks different according to the attributes of its researcher. Nature shows a different aspect, not a different law, and we understand only what we perceive and feel through our five senses. Hence, our feeling is forever personal and subjective.

Because all people have a common nature, we perceive the world in the same way at first. Nature remains unchanged, but when we change ourselves, we feel that nature’s laws operate differently on us. We change the way we are exposed to the laws of nature. That is why Malachi says, “I the Lord do not change” (3:6). It is indeed surprising that we can change the things around us, when in fact nothing really changes but ourselves. We feel as though nature changes because of the change within.

Nature is the law of gravity, the laws of chemistry and physics, and so on. These laws do not change with our personal evolution. What does change is not how the laws work, but how we perceive them, how we feel the change in the sensations that we perceive. However, we think that the change happens outside us because we are built to regard ourselves as the unchanging center of creation.


Want Perfection? Change Your Properties

Only one state is complete perfection, and by changing our attributes, we approach that state and feel it more and more clearly. Thus, the only processes that actually take place in creation are processes of inner change in our attributes. And it is within that change that we feel as though providence is changing toward us.

Therefore, we must know how to change our inner attributes so that we can change the laws of nature in our favor. When we learn how to do that, we will be certain of the result, of our tomorrow. But the wisdom of Kabbalah tells us that that change depends on our refusal to use our egoism.


The Key to Correcting and Further Developing Your Perception of Reality

As science progresses, scientists are beginning to find that we can influence the phenomena of nature. They have found that the result of a scientific experiment depends on the personal attributes of the researcher. Of course, there are also experiments where the researcher is of no importance—regardless of the researcher’s intentions, the result will be the same. But there is a finer level in nature, above substance, where the result is affected by the personal attributes of the researcher.

We will soon see that it is not enough to equip scientists with the most sophisticated instruments. There will be a real need for scientists who are “taught” to influence nature the right way, because we influence nature by simply being in it. The only question is: What is the right kind of influence? It might be that in the next stage of evolution, science will no longer need mechanical, electronic, or optic instruments or devices that enlarge or miniaturize objects, but the individual him- or herself will be the instrument that will research nature and will know how to influence the world correctly, to bring about the most desirable results.

The science concerned with the linkage between our influence on nature and the outcome that we get back from it is the science of Kabbalah. It teaches us how our actions and our influence on nature yield this or that result. Like any other science, Kabbalah also uses exact terms and a completely scientific language.

In scientific research, we want to receive from nature around us the necessary information for our survival and all the other things that we need. In the near future, it will be enough to activate one’s personal attributes to attain all that, instead of all the devices and the mechanisms we have invented.

Awakening to Kabbalah by Dr. Michael Laitman“Introducing the Ultimate Guide to Expanding Your Perception of Reality” is based on the book, Awakening to Kabbalah: The Guiding Light of Spiritual Fulfillment by Dr. Michael Laitman.

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