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October 1, 2023

The One Choice You Should Make to Unleash Your Spiritual Power

The One Choice You Should Make to Unleash Your Spiritual Power

The Spiritual Bar Is High, So Where Will I Find Strength to Leap Over?

We can unite with the Creator by equalizing our properties, desires, and goals with His, by completely destroying egoism and selflessly doing good things. However, a question arises: where will a complete egoist (one unable to make a spiritual or physical movement unless it offers personal benefits) find the strength and motivation to live for the sake of others? The answer to this question can be easily understood with an example from life…


The Secret of Strength – Changing Work into Reward

Imagine a situation in which you wholeheartedly wish to give a present to someone who is important in your eyes, someone you love and respect. Suppose this person agrees to accept your gift, or agrees to come to your home for dinner.

Although you spend money and work hard to treat the important guest well, you enjoy it as if it is not you, but the guest who does you a favor, giving and entertaining you by consenting to accept your treat. Hence, if we could imagine the Creator as someone we respect, we would gladly please Him.


How to Permanently Surround Yourself with a Spiritual Power Generator

We can observe the laws of the universe only if we attain the Creator’s greatness. Then, when we work for His sake and realize His grandeur, it is as though we receive from Him. Yet, since thoughts depend on the influence of society and social environments, everything that society praises also becomes elevated in the eyes of the individual. Hence, the most important thing is to be among as many people who exalt the Creator as possible.


Employ the Power Paradox:  Make Yourself Small to Reach the Highest Heights

If our environment does not elevate the Creator to the proper level, it will not allow us to attain spirituality. A student should feel like the smallest of all the students. In this way, the student can absorb society’s views, and in that state, the student considers society’s views as important. For this reason comes the truism, “Buy for yourself a friend.” Indeed, the more people influence me with their opinions, the more diligently I will be able to work on myself, on correcting my egoism, in order to feel the Creator.

Your Choice & the Consequence You Don’t Want to Miss – Buy the Right Society, Earn the Highest Reward

To the extent that the environment depicts and presents the Creator’s greatness to me, I can think about the changes in me, about changing my attributes to His attributes. Then by seeing that the Creator is important, I attain “buy yourself a friend” and connect to Him by resembling His attributes. … So there aren’t people who cannot succeed because they have a weak character or don’t have the brains, the sensitivity, or power to do so. The only explanation for our failures is the lack of feeling the importance of the goal, which we can always buy from the environment.

Dr. Michael Laitman, in “Be the Creator’s Friend.”

It is said that every person should attain the Root, the source of his or her soul. In other words, the final goal should be to completely merge with the Creator. The importance of Kabbalah stems from the fact that by studying it, we learn how the worlds were created and how they are governed. By studying the Creator’s actions and properties, we discover what we should be like in order to unite with Him.

Awakening to Kabbalah by Dr. Michael Laitman“The One Choice You Should Make to Unleash Your Spiritual Power” is based on the book, Basic Concepts in Kabbalah: Expanding Your Inner Vision by Dr. Michael Laitman.

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