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July 16, 2024

The Deep Thinker’s Glimpse into How the Spiritual Worlds Are Organized

The Deep Thinker's Glimpse into How the Spiritual Worlds Are Organized

According to Your Soul’s Desire

In the beginning of Creation there was one common soul:  the Light (pleasure) and the corresponding body (desire), Adam.  These were merged in adhesion with the Creator, and therefore received maximum delight.  The soul’s nature is merely the will to receive pleasure, and the soul was filled with pleasure in accordance with its desire.


How to Calculate Your Address in the Spiritual Worlds

Since the difference in desires leads one away from the Creator, different worlds were formed at different levels of remoteness down to our world.  What separates spiritual objects is not space, but their spiritual incongruence and dissimilarity of properties.  Therefore, the number of souls, meaning separate spiritual objects, determines the number of people in the physical world.  Here, every part of the common soul is given a certain period of time (life span) and repeated opportunities (life cycles) for correction.


How to Move Up in the Spiritual Worlds

A person is born only with the will to receive pleasure for self.  All our “personal” desires originate from the system of impure forces.  In other words, we are infinitely remote from the Creator, we cannot feel Him, and are therefore considered “spiritually dead.”

However, if, while struggling with oneself, a person acquires the desire to live, think, and act only for the sake of others and the Creator, such soul purification allows one to gradually approach the Creator until completely merging with Him.  And as one comes closer to the Creator, one feels increasing delight.

It is for this soul transformation that our world and all the spiritual worlds (the steps on the path to the Creator) were created.  Merging with the Creator is a task that everyone must accomplish while still living in our world.  Our world is the most opposite point from the Creator—opposite from His properties.


The Secret to Enhancing Joy in the Journey

By ridding ourselves of the selfish desire to enjoy, we approach Him and thus gain doubly:  we enjoy receiving pleasure from Him and at the same time, enjoy pleasing Him.  In the same way, when I eat my mother’s food, I enjoy the meal and am glad it pleases her.

It should be noted that while egoistic pleasure is short-lived and limited by the size of the desire (we cannot eat two dinners), one can endlessly give, share, or receive for the sake of another.  Accordingly, the pleasure that one receives is infinite!


When You Know the Object of the Game, Your Pleasure Skyrockets

Every world with all that populates it (including our world) unites in the Creator’s single plan to bestow infinite delight upon the soul.  This single thought, this goal, encompasses the entire Creation from beginning to end.  All the suffering we feel, our work on ourselves, and the reward are determined only by this thought.

After the individual correction, all souls reunite into one soul as before.  Thus, the pleasure received by each soul not only doubles from the reception of delight and pleasing the Creator, but it is multiplied by the number of reunited souls.


Don’t Miss the ‘Happily-Ever-After’

Meanwhile, as people who work on themselves ascend spiritually, their eyes begin to open and other worlds become visible.  Thus, while still living in this world, they attain all the worlds. For them, the seemingly absurd language of Kabbalah becomes the language of actions, thoughts, and sensations; the concepts that are opposite in our world then unite in the single Supernal Root.

Awakening to Kabbalah by Dr. Michael Laitman“The Deep Thinker’s Glimpse into How the Spiritual Worlds Are Organized” is based on the book, Basic Concepts in Kabbalah: Expanding Your Inner Vision by Dr. Michael Laitman.

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Image: "Think global, act local" by Kevin Dooley.
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