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July 16, 2024

Why Spiritual Development Requires Proper Examples From Proper Teachers

Ocean Shores, Washington, Dec 31, 1998

Humans Develop Through The Examples Of Others

The Wisdom of Kabbalah is the practical method, that can help any person to enter spirituality, perceiving the fixes operating reality, attaining the Upper Force.

To begin to understand how the wisdom of Kabbalah assists us in sensing the upper force, consider a growing child. There is nothing more natural than the process of maturing, hence this comparison will accompany us throughout the book.

When a baby is born, it begins to hear, to see, and to react. It learns and develops from examples that we present to it.
If we left the baby to grow in the woods, it would imitate the animals and grow like an animal. With the exception of a few instincts and reflexes, everything about us comes from learning.


Can Spirituality Be Developed Through Observational Learning?

Can we learn the upper system in the same way if we do not feel it? How can we be like that baby, or even a drop of semen that only wishes to be born into a new quality called “giving”?

In other words, a human infant evolves out of a drop of corporeal semen. It learns from examples and eventually becomes a grownup. And now, a drop of spiritual seed, called “the point in the heart,” appears in that person, a new desire—to know what he or she is living for, to reach what exists beyond life, the force that affects us and operates us. In corporeal growth, the ego develops and the quality of reception for oneself becomes improved. In the process of spiritual growth, the quality of giving develops in us.


Kabbalists Provide An Example For A Person To Progress Towards Spirituality

So what do we need in order to commence the process? We need examples—spiritual teachers. This is why The Book of Zohar was written. Just as children stare with eyes wide open and jaws dropped, craving to devour the world and learn all about it, we should approach The Book of Zohar, which provides us with examples of the quality of giving.

The more we learn how to give, the more we will resemble Nature’s comprehensive power, the power of love and giving. In Kabbalah terminology, it is called “equivalence of form,” which is a gradual process that leads to our sensing Nature’s overall force to the extent that we become similar to it.

<strong>“Why Spiritual Development Requires Proper Examples From Proper Teachers”</strong> is based on the book, Unlocking the Zohar by Dr. Michael Laitman.

“Why Spiritual Development Requires Proper Examples From Proper Teachers” is  based  on  the  book, Unlocking the Zohar by Dr. Michael Laitman.








Photo by Ruth Houston Barrett, Ocean Shores, Washington, Dec 31, 1998
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