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July 24, 2024

The Magical Play of Light: Color in the Spiritual Worlds

The Magical Play of Light: Color in the Spiritual Worlds

How to Become Light Sensitive to the Colors of Connection

Everything that The Zohar and the wisdom of Kabbalah talk about are forms or types of the connection between us. The Creator or the Upper Light has no form; we cannot feel Him. The types and forms of connection of bestowal and love between us by being equivalent to the Light, give the Light form, color, and gradations of qualities. I can distinguish and “pick up” the Light in my own qualities to the extent that they are similar to Him.

Therefore, whatever we read about in The Zohar always refers to types of connection between souls. We reveal the Light according to the forms of connection that manifest between us. Otherwise the Light is impossible to “pick up” (reveal). “There is no Light” if I don’t paint it with different colors. The Light that comes to me should necessarily be colored as the seven colors of the rainbow. Without this, I, as a created being, will not see it; I will be unable to sense or perceive it. [Source: Dr. Michael Laitman, “Through the Seven Colors of the Rainbow to the Simple White Light.”]


Worlds of Color According to Your Spiritual Sensitivity

The Zohar ascribes a specific color to each Sefira:

  • White corresponds to Sefirat Hochma;
  • Red corresponds to Sefirat Bina;
  • Green corresponds to Sefirat Tifferet; and
  • Black corresponds to Sefirat Malchut.

Although the Light that fills the Sefirot is colorless, receivers see it with its corresponding hue. Thus, in all five worlds (from Ein Sof to our world), the Light that emanates from the Creator is an absolutely colorless, imperceptible substance. Only after it traverses the worlds and Sefirot as if through color filters do we perceive it as having a certain color and intensity, depending on the level of the soul that receives the Light.


Like Color-Coded Messages Against a Field of White

For example, the world Atzilut passes the Light without coloring it at all because this world has similar properties to those of the Light. This is why the color of the Light in the world Atzilut is defined as white. If we compare the white Light to paper, then the message written on it presents the information, and its color stands out against the white background. The world Atzilut (Sefirat Hochma) is the white background of the book, thus we are unable to conceive it. In the same way, by perceiving red, green, and black, we are able to perceive Light.

The properties of other worlds differ from the properties of the Light; hence, each of them affects it depending on its spiritual closeness to the Light. Bina (the world Beria), Tifferet (Yetzira), and Malchut (Assiya) that respectively correspond to red, green, and black, provide us with information based on their combinations, interactions, and reactions to the Light passing from the world Atzilut to our world.

Thus, it is as if the worlds BeriaYetzira, and Assiya form concentric coverings over the world Atzilut.  In the spiritual worlds BeriaYetzira, and Assiya, every object is attained only in its matter and form. Colors (red, green, and black) in these worlds constitute matter, and we attain them atop the white background of the world Atzilut.


The Rainbow Maker & the Light Weaver: Zeir Anpin Scatters & Malchut Gathers

Zeir Anpin of the World of Atzilut (composed ofsix Sefirot:Hesed,Gevura, Tifferet, Netzah, Hod, and Yesod) brings the Light of Bina from above, breaking it down into seven colors. And I act the opposite way: I gather all these lights/colors together, bring them back into the “prism,” which results in one Light.

I don’t feel the simple, white Light which comes to me since it has no color. However, I gather all seven colors that come from Zeir Anpin into Malchut in me and feel the initial simple Light. Malchut is called the “gathering” since it gathers together and incorporates all seven Sefirot of Zeir Anpin. By making itself similar to this “prism” that splits white Light into seven colors, Malchut once again achieves white Light. [Source: Dr. Michael Laitman, “Through the Seven Colors of the Rainbow to the Simple White Light.”]

Awakening to Kabbalah by Dr. Michael Laitman“The Magical Play of Light: Color in the Spiritual Worlds” is based on the book, Basic Concepts in Kabbalah: Expanding Your Inner Vision by Dr. Michael Laitman.

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