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January 19, 2021

Archive for Perception of Reality

What Does It Mean to Discover the Zohar

Start Digging for Your Treasure

Discovering The Zohar means discovering your inner world and your unlimited potential.

Start digging inside yourself and look for the qualities that The Zohar names, as though you’re in the dark with nothing but a candle. Just as a child gradually begins to perceive his environment, so this new inner world will gradually begin to form within you. I must delve into myself and there discover which inner quality each word alludes to. This is how The Zohar changes us when we search for what is written inside of us. After all, a person is a small world.

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Is it Possible to Have An Objective Picture of Reality?

Is it Possible to Have an Objective Picture of Reality

Q. We see the changing seasons, day and night, and the changes in life in nature. Is this an objective understanding of time or a totally subjective feeling?

A. There is no objective understanding of any kind. If I perceive something as a spectator, it cannot be objective in any way. Even if someone tells me what he sees, but I am the one who hears what he says, I perceive and feel it in my own way.

There cannot be any form of objectivity. If a person perceives only his own feelings and knows nothing of what is going on other than that, there cannot be any form of objectivity.

This is especially true when it comes to the perception of time, place, and motion, which exist inside a person. A spectator with different senses would feel a totally different world. We know that our senses perceive only a small part of reality.

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How Kabbalah Helps You in Everyday Life | Ask the Kabbalist


We’re so excited about the upcoming “What Is the Meaning of Life, the Universe and Everything!?” live Q&A Celebration event that will be taking place on Tuesday, 5 January, that we’re digging up long lost episodes of “Ask the Kabbalist,” that aired on TV, and releasing them toward the event!

At the Q&A Celebration, you’ll be able to ask questions, get them answered live, and win one of many prize pack giveaways!

To ask your question to attend, simply click on the link below, ask your question in the form on that page, and you’re in!

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Ask the Kabbalist, Episode 2, with Dr. Michael Laitman

In this episode, Dr. Michael Laitman answers the following questions:

  • What is a prayer according to Kabbalah?
  • How can families accurately help a child with behavior problems?
  • How does Kabbalah help a person in everyday life?

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Giving Birth to Yourself

Giving Birth to Yourself

The goal of the spiritual work is to acquire the attributes of the upper world. We call it upper but it is actually the only world there is. We, however, are external to it, as if senseless, unconscious, like in a dream.

How can we awaken from this dream in which the ego closes us in like a cocoon?

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The 6 Steps of Spiritual Correction

The 6 Steps of Spiritual Correction

Step 1: Beginning the Process of Self-Correction

On the spiritual path first we need to achieve the correction of the creation, that is the congruence of our personal qualities with the qualities of the Creator, and only then can we begin to achieve the goal of creation, to receive from the Creator unlimited pleasure, unbounded by the limits of egoism.

Before the correction, we possess only the desire for selfish gratification. As we progress in correcting ourselves, we start to favor the desire to give everything away over the desire to receive pleasure for ourselves.

However, at this stage we are still incapable of receiving pleasure from the Creator.

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