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June 15, 2024

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It’s Your Lucky Day!


Sometimes a great opportunity presents itself. Here’s one for you! This is your chance to follow in the footsteps of wise and learned people on a well-established, scientifically proven path, guaranteed to lead you to a better life.

The path I’m talking about might be called the road less traveled or the path of wisdom, Kabbalah. This is a very direct path for changing your luck and your life for the better. It was definitely my lucky day when I started on the path three years ago, and I can assure you, I have never looked back.

Many friends traveling this path are much like you and me. Simple, everyday people who’ve begun to wake up and ask questions. The rush for success has somehow lost its lure, and now we see that even acquiring more love, or more money, or more power doesn’t really fill that sense of emptiness. Nor does finding a different job or a different partner.

The rat race, the drive for money, sex, power, and control; none of these are that important anymore. Instead, we are asking those nagging questions that awakening people have been asking themselves for centuries. What am I doing here?  What is the meaning of my life?

Science tells us that just as nature holds a DNA plan for our physical bodies, a plan for our spiritual development is also embedded within us, making spiritual growth a natural part of our human evolution. Yes, there is a special spiritual gene in each of us. It is called our Reshimo (reminiscence) or “the point in the heart.”

Each person has a Reshimo, and like all our DNA it becomes operational as soon as we are born. Unfolding in the background of our lives, our Reshimo silently dictates our attributes, our character traits, our likes and our dislikes, moving us slowly forward to fulfill our destiny, urging us onward and upward towards the higher consciousness of spirituality.

When I discovered this scientifically based information I started to understand myself much better. In addition, I began to understand the importance of connecting with others on the path, which serves to hasten our progress along the way. I’ve noticed that some travelers progress more rapidly or more slowly than others, but regardless of age, experience, or time of life, our own Reshimo is alive and unfolding within each of us, urging us on and silently pointing the way.

I am personally inviting you to come this way, to join me and other friends on this path, to learn and to grow together, each one helping the other along the way.

One of our most revered teachers, the great Kabbalist of the 20th century, Yehudah Ashlag (Baal HaSulam), compared what’s ahead for us in spirituality to emergence from one world to another, from the corporeal to the spiritual, while remaining in a living body here on earth.

As Baal HaSulam explains, a student’s progress can be likened to the quest of a worm who has been born inside a radish. The worm lives in the radish so he knows nothing else. He thinks the whole world is dark and bitter. But, if the worm makes effort, and he begins to move, to seek, and to grow, when he finally breaks through the radish shell and peeps outside, he claims in bewilderment: “I thought the whole world was the radish I was born in, and now I see a grand, beautiful, and wondrous world before me!”

Indeed, there is wondrous wisdom to be learned and much more to reality than we presently know. I invite you to learn more.

By Wendy Barker

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What Kabbalah Means To Me

What Kabbalah Means To Me

When I found Kabbalah, I had many questions about God, creation, and mankind. I was glad to find that Kabbalah is a science and not a religion. That means that all I had to do was follow the steps of others and I could have the same results.

I was seeking for a way to connect with the Creator. I was in a religion for many years and was not being fulfilled. I kept feeling that something was missing but was not sure of what it was. I had been a student of the Bible for many years but things in there just did not add up to me. I did not realize that the Bible was a code for spirituality and was all about me until I started studying Kabbalah. Now I can say that it makes sense to me.

I was always trying to figure out why things were happening as they were and what was really behind it all. Kabbalah had the answers for me and I can see how this world operates. It really gave me a better understanding of the Creator. There were many times I asked myself the question of where was God. Until I started studying Kabbalah, I did not know that the Creator was concealed from us and why.

Through Kabbalah, I understood the upper worlds and creation. I knew that it could not have been set up the way that I had been taught; there being a heaven and hell. I had always sought spirituality, but could not understand why it was not available to me. Through Kabbalah, I understand the process of obtaining spirituality. I also have a better understanding of reality.

I am sure that there are others with the same questions that I had. Questions like, what is God and what God is like. How does one reach God? What is the purpose of creation and what did I need to do to sense the Creator. I had been looking for these answers for a long time and found them in studying Kabbalah.

I would like for everyone to know that the answers to their questions are available in the studying of Kabbalah. Not only that, but it will also give you a purpose for your life. You will feel that your life counts for something. All you have to do is check it out for yourself.

Allow me to pass on a warning to you: Studying Kabbalah, understanding it, and getting your answers from it, will take a lot of effect and time on your part. The things that it has to offer will not come overnight. However, I do feel that it will be worth it to you. The reward from it is great and I believe that you will not be disappointed.

by Willie Starks

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