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February 28, 2024

How to Acquire the Limitless Qualities of Nature

How to Acquire the Limitless Qualities of Nature

A Kabbalist Is Someone Who Shares in the Management of Nature

All parts of creation, ourselves included, are sustained and managed by a force called nature, or Creator, whose attribute is bestowal (in Hebrew the word is Hashpaa, which comes from the root word Shefa, bounty). When a Kabbalist attains a certain degree of correction and has acquired a certain amount of will to bestow, meaning to give, he or she can join in the management of nature. Being in the degree of speaking, the Kabbalist can be included in the degrees of still, vegetative, and animate, according to his or her degree, add much bounty and change the laws of nature. Through the Kabbalist, nature becomes more merciful.

Depending on how corrected he or she is compared to them, a Kabbalist can raise other souls as well. The amount of influence a Kabbalist has on others depends on the degree of his or her soul and its uniqueness, meaning what part of the soul of the first man it comes from—Rosh (head), Guf (body), Raglaim (legs), or some other part. The Kabbalist’s degree of correction greatly influences the rising of the souls and their readiness for correction. This is one way the Kabbalists help the world.


Finding the Right Prayer that Will Bring You Closer to Nature

The stronger the illumination of the upper light, the more one is able to discern right from wrong. Just as when one walks using the light of a flashlight and can see only as far as the light reaches, so our egoism determines how well we can tell right from wrong. In other words, seeing our true nature, how evil we are, and feeling a need to correct those things only happens in proportion to the degree the Creator is revealed to us. Therefore, if we ask of the Creator to reveal Himself to us so that we can see ourselves for what we are and correct ourselves, and not for egoistic pleasure, then that is the prayer He answers.

The problem is that we don’t acknowledge that the Creator will not listen to our cry because the torments have a reason! The Creator wants us to attain correction through these plagues. We have to understand that and reply: “You are doing right in causing me difficulty. Because of that I see the evil in me. However, give me a chance to see how I can correct myself.” That is precisely the kind of prayer that the Creator is waiting for, and that is what we should ask for. Our pleas should be directed toward correction. We need to study Kabbalah to come to this realization.


Undertaking Correction to Become One With Nature

There is only one desire in the world: to delight the creatures. There is only one goal: to make the creatures feel eternal pleasure. The unique thought of the Creator is the one thing that exists in the world; it is everything and everything works toward it. Hence, everything abides by one law only—to return creation to the Creator, to the light, to pleasure.

When you ask for pleasures for yourself, you must realize that that can only be obtained through correction. Therefore, instead of asking the Creator for favors, we should ask for correction. Through that correction, we will obtain pleasure. One who realizes that suffering comes to inspire correction has already begun the correction itself. We gradually attain wisdom and change ourselves as a result. We learn not to relate to the suffering itself, but to look at who is sending us that suffering and why. We should feel the pains as a means without which we would not respond and turn to the Creator.

We must rise above bad feelings and start to use our mind. Start by examining why you feel so badly and why you are being beaten down by life. Surely there is a higher force that sends you these troubles. Ask yourself what their purpose is. From that point on, the person begins to correct him- or herself and thus improve his or her situation.

Awakening to Kabbalah by Dr. Michael Laitman“How to Acquire the Limitless Qualities of Nature” is based on the book, Awakening to Kabbalah: The Guiding Light of Spiritual Fulfillment by Dr. Michael Laitman.

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