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December 7, 2023

Man, Woman, and the Snake Between Them

Man, Woman, and the Snake Between Them
Man, Woman, and the Snake Between Them

Article in Kabbalah Today Issue 14

For centuries, the story of Adam and Eve has captured the imagination of children and adults alike. It’s time to know the true meaning of the story, who that cunning little snake was, and of course, how all this relates to the fact that 50% of American couples today are getting divorced. Read the Full Article…

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  fillc123 wrote @ May 13th, 2008 at 10:51 pm

Interesting. Still some questions remain for me. I believe the serpent was used in the story because it is the only creature in the animal kingdom that does not WALK. Remember that Adam used to walk with Gd in the garden during the cool of the day. The “WALK WITH GD” metaphor is used a great deal by many subsequent biblical authors. Furthermore Adam and Eve could not see that they were naked until they ate of the fruit. I suspect this is so because they were blind to OUTWARD APPEARANCE and could only see the HEART. Unlike the Lrd Gd who could only see outward appearance ( that is, until Gen. 6:5 when Lrd Gd saw the HEART for the first time ). Therfore, after eating the fruit, Adam and Eve became as Gd, seeing OUTWARD APPEARANCE, thus realizing they were naked.
Remember that Lrd Gd did not know Cain’s HEART, otherwise he would not need to ask the question “Where is your brother?” ( in fact, the Lrd Gd asks a total of 10 questions throughout the Genesis narrative. After Enoch was taken up, the Lrd Gd never again asks a single question EVER ). Also Lrd Gd looked upon Cain’s countenance ( or facial expression). Also Gd put a mark on Cain’s OUTER APPEARANCE to identify him. Also the Nefilim were on the earth due to their large stature and OUTWARD APPEARANCE ( 1 Sam. 16:7) but they had a haughty HEART and were flooded.
So it appears to me that the author of Genesis is definitely portraying Lrd Gd as one who could not see the heart until after Enoch was taken.

  brian ward wrote @ May 13th, 2008 at 7:14 pm

wow!!! from reading so much about the kabbalah and about the language of branches i knew that it was more to that story. even before i knew of the kabbalah i knew that it was Gods pupose for us to “eat from the tree of knowledge”. and that helps me understand why we got to this world. i really appreciate the posting of this article.

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