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January 19, 2022

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Do You Want the Purpose of Life?

Do You Want the Purpose of Life

This Is What Kabbalah Is

Kabbalah is a sequence of spiritual roots proceeding from one another in accordance with immutable laws, merging and pointing toward their single common purpose—”the comprehension of the Creator’s greatness and wisdom by the creations of this world.”

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Now You Can Understand Spiritual Advancement and Acheive It

Now You Can Understand Spiritual Advancement and Acheive It

Developing an Awareness of Good and Evil

There are two methods of feeding a child. One method is by force. It brings the child no pleasure, but still provides the nourishment necessary for growing and building up strength. In Kabbalah, this kind of spiritual nurturing of a person is known as “on account of the Higher One.”

However, the “child” may wish to grow spiritually by taking spiritual nourishment independently. This may occur after having developed an appetite for it (realizing the necessity or experienced the pleasure from the Light). Then, not only does one grow spiritually, but one also enjoys the process of living, that is, of developing spiritual perception.

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Fundamental Tips for Revealing the Creator

Fundamental Tips for Revealing the Creator

A True Human Being Corrects Egoism

There are two levels of human development: animal and human being. (These are not to be confused with the four levels of desires). As we can observe in animal nature, an animal continues to live in the same state as it was born. It does not develop. The qualities that were accorded to an animal on the day of its birth are sufficient for the entire duration of its existence.

The same can be said of a person who rests on this level of development—one who remains the same as during one’s upbringing. All changes that take place in the life of such a person are quantitative in nature.

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How to Gauge Spiritual Advancement

How to Gauge Spiritual Advancement

The Spiritual Ascent: The Right Line

Kabbalist are teaching us that spiritual progress is advance-ment using “three lines”, and optimally one would need to stay on the so called “middle line”.

Let us analyze the work that takes place in the middle line. We must begin our spiritual ascent by being in accordance with the right line, which represents a sense of perfection in the spiritual, happiness with our lot, and our desire to carry out the Will of the Creator selflessly and sincerely.

We must ask, “How much pleasure do we derive from our spiritual quest?” We consider any amount sufficient, because we are convinced that the Creator controls everything in the world, and whatever we feel during our spiritual quest, it must be so desired by the Creator.

Whatever our condition may be, it must ensue from the Creator. Thus, the mere realization of Divine Rule and spiritual perfection is sufficient to make us happy, to give us a sense of our own perfection, and to induce us to thank the Creator.


The Discovery of Evil: The Left Line

But this state lacks the left line, in which we check our own condition (Heshbon Nefesh). This inner task is opposite to the work done in the right line, where the main focus is on glorifying the spiritual and the Creator, irrespective of oneself or of one’s own condition.

When we begin checking how serious our attitude is toward the spiritual, and how close we are to perfection, it becomes obvious that we are still immersed in petty egoism and cannot lift a finger for the sake of others or the Creator.

Having discovered the evil in ourselves, we must strive to oust that evil, and must apply our utmost efforts to this task.

We must also pray to the Creator for help as soon as it is clear that we are unable to transform ourselves without assistance. Thus, there become two opposite lines in a person. Alongside the right line, we feel that all is in the power of the Creator and, therefore, all is perfect. So we do not wish for anything and are, therefore, happy.


The Synthesis of Right and Left: The Middle Line

By the left line, we feel no interest in the spiritual; we have no sense of spiritual progress, and we sense that we are still encased in the shell of our ego, just as before. Furthermore, we do not ask the Creator for help to escape from this state. Having discovered the evil within, we decide to dispense with our common sense because it tries to dissuade us from our efforts to pursue the hopeless task of correcting our egoism.

At the same time, we should continue to thank the Creator for our present state, sincerely believing that this state is truly the perfect state. We should also continue to be just as happy as we were prior to checking our state.

If we can manage to follow this, we will advance along the middle line. Thus, it is crucial to avoid becoming too critical of ourselves by excessively following the left line.

It is also important to remain in the content state of the middle line. Only then will we be able to enter the spiritual realm with “both feet,” so to speak.

It is through the middle line that we achieve equivalence of form with the Creator, starting to attain His actions, achieving gradual adhesion with Him.

Attaining the Worlds BeyondHow to Gauge Spiritual Advancement” is based on the book, Attaining the Worlds Beyond by Dr. Michael Laitman.


How to Bond with the Creator

How to Bond with the Creator

Proceeding Towards Unity with the Creator

Atzilut is the world of complete perception of, and unification with, the Creator. An individual gradually rises to the world of Atzilut, acquiring altruistic qualities. When one has reached this world, having fully acquired the ability to “give,” even standing on its lowest step, one starts “receiving for the sake of the Creator.”

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