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March 27, 2023

Prepare Yourself to Progress Spiritually through Indifference

Prepare Yourself to Progress Spiritually through Indifference

We need to try and see in every state we go through, the worst and the best, the most confused through to the clearest, that it is a relationship between Light and Kli (vessel). Therefore, I need to go through the state, and the question is whether I prepared myself to go through the state in order to connect the Kli to the Light, and the preparation is in connection and integration with other Kelim (vessels). I then need to go through these states, one at a time.

If I prepare myself well, then I go through the state with awareness, and bring the medicine closer to the wound, blessing the bad as well as the good, because every state comes to progress me spiritually. I prepare the supportive environment, my schedule, I organize and prepare myself in all kinds of ways, where to the extent in which I my heart gets burdened, I am in the correct state toward what is taking place.

If pleasant or unpleasant emotions surface in me, then it is easier for me to relate to them, but there are many situations when a person feels nothing, when he’s clouded, when moments, days and weeks go by and he is in a non-beneficial state, feeling like he cannot add anything.

Indifference is a big problem. Here, we need to work in a way where we determine how we organize ourselves, and just as that comes without feeling, then the person acts emotionless, but mechanically connects all these moments in the correct direction as much as it is possible to do so. There’s no feeling, emotion, understanding, but at least mechanically, he participates in whatever possible, and thus it is considered as going in the correct direction. “One should sell the beams of his house” in order to make steps forward toward spirituality.

Prepare Yourself to Progress Spiritually through Indifference” is based on the Daily Kabbalah Lesson of May 4, 2014, Rabash: The Social Articles, “One Should Sell the Beams of His House.” You can watch and/or download this lesson in video and audio formats from the Kabbalah Media Archive.

What are “spiritual states”? What is “Light and Kli (vessel)”? What does it mean to progress spiritually? What is the supportive environment? What is “the heart” and the “burdening of the heart”? What do “correct” and “incorrect” mean in terms of spiritual progress? All these questions and more are dealt with in the Free Kabbalah Course, which provides the fundamental principles and tools by which to correctly approach the wisdom of Kabbalah. It is recommended to take the Free Kabbalah Course before approaching the Daily Kabbalah Lessons with Dr. Michael Laitman. Click the banner below to sign up…

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